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Meet Helen Carrano, Director of Community Relations

Dear Neighbors,

Helen CarranoI have resided in the Three Village area for more than 25 years and love living in this community.  Being a good neighbor and a valued member of the community is one of the University’s and my highest priorities.

Before arriving at the University seven years ago, I was a legislative aide to a local Assemblyman, working with the community on many issues of local concern.

In 1999 I came to the University, where I worked in the President’s Office while earning a graduate degree in Public Administration.

Since 2001, as Director of Community Relations, it has been my role to serve as a liaison between the University and our neighbors: residents, businesses, civic organizations, and school districts.  I also work on special events with each of the various groups in an effort to share our resources with the community.

I meet regularly with these groups to brief them on projects and issues that may impact the community and to update them on University events and how to access campus resources for their use and enjoyment.

I strive to develop and enhance Stony Brook University’s relations with a wide range of constituent groups, promoting mutual understanding.

Please feel free to contact me with any of your suggestions, concerns or questions. Call (631) 632-6129 or email Helen.Carrano@stonybrook.edu


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