Frequently Asked Questions

Why a class gift?
Giving a class gift is a way for each student to leave his or her mark at Stony Brook. By bestowing a gift, students can support students and the community by voting on and contributing to a specific program that they want to continue after they leave campus.

What will be done with my money?
You get to decide exactly where your donation goes so the departments and programs that you want to support will benefit.

Doesn't the school already have enough money?
While we all think we pay enough in tuition, the truth is that State support accounts for less that 20% of Stony Brook’s total funding. The balance of the funds required to grow Stony Brook are raised from research grants, patient care revenue, and private donations. Private donations support many of the activities that make SB a great place to live and learn.

How will SB benefit from student donations?
A gift of any size has a tremendous impact. Depending on where you designate your support, you’ll be helping other talented students attend Stony Brook, improve the student experience, and develop a strong foundation for the overall growth of Stony Brook.

More than $2 million has been raised through the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign. That’s right! Your professors and advisors, the office staff who answer your questions, and other employees you see every day on your way to class have contributed to scholarships and programs that will enhance your education and your Stony Brook experience.