How to Qualify for the Match

The Simons $50 Million Challenge
Of the $150 million investment by Drs. Jim and Marilyn Simons and the Simons Foundation, $50 million has been established as a Challenge Grant dedicated to inspire and encourage others to invest in the future of Stony Brook University. Once the Simons Challenge is met, Stony Brook University will benefit greatly from a total charitable investment of $200 million.

Academic Excellence Challenge Grant:
Gifts that qualify for the Simons Challenge will be used to fund new scholarships for the most talented undergraduate and graduate students, to retain and attract outstanding faculty, and to create and enhance interdisciplinary academic programs, institutes, and centers of excellence.

Donations that qualify for the Simons Challenge start at $25,000. Gifts may be paid over a period of five years. However, the matching dollars will be credited to the gift once the $25,000 threshold is met.

For example: A donor makes a commitment in 2011 of $25,000 payable over the next five years ($5,000 per year). The matching funds will be earned on the pledge in 2016, creating a $50,000 fund in 2016 to support the donor’s primary area of interest.

First-Time Alumni Donor Match: As part of the Challenge Grant, the Simons Foundation will match all gifts from first-time alumni donors to encourage Stony Brook alumni to support their alma mater and its future.

Gifts of all sizes will be matched, dollar for dollar, immediately.

For example: An alumna makes her first gift of $100 to the Stony Brook Fund for Excellence (or to any fund supporting the alumna’s primary area of interest on campus). The Simons Foundation will match that gift immediately, generating a $200 charitable impact.

The Simons Challenge will not satisfy other challenge grants. Gifts from foundations and corporations as well as those for capital building projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Once all Simons gift funds are matched, and with the $35 million match from the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant, the Simons gift will have a total impact of $235 million on Stony Brook University.

For more information contact:

Dexter A. Bailey Jr.
Executive Director, Stony Brook Foundation
Vice President, University Advancement
(631) 632-4811