Message from President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

Stony Brook University comprises a remarkable community of students, faculty, staff, and visitors who spend varying amounts of time here, and indeed for many the campus is their “home away from home.” I consider campus safety a priority, and therefore, in accord with New York State’s Consolidated Education Laws, I am re-convening the Presidential Campus Safety Advisory Committee to conduct a review of their previous findings and recommendations and to submit a new report to me by June 2011. Once the updated report has been completed, it will be posted to this website.

Most recently, the Presidential Campus Safety Advisory Committee had completed a report on its findings in June 2008. This Web site sets forth that complete Campus Safety Advisory Committee Report, with appendices, in downloadable Adobe PDF format. Key excerpts — Executive Summary, Findings, and Recommendations — are also set forth in HTML format for ease of online use. 

I invite you to review the report and to bring any new concerns you may have regarding campus safety to the attention of the Committee’s Chair, Donna Buehler. A safe campus community depends on all of us. Thank you for helping to make Stony Brook a leader in campus safety policies and practices.