Progress Report: Fall 2013

Additional Faculty/Staff Hires
Since Fall 2011, SBU has hired 89 “net new” tenure-track faculty, including strategic hires in nearly every school and interdisciplinary cluster hires in Behavioral Political Economy, Biomolecular Imaging, Coastal Zone Management and Engineering, Joint Photon Sciences and Smart Energy Technologies. We have also created departments in Biomedical Informatics and Civil Engineering. SBU has hired 96 “net new” non-tenure track faculty and 67 non-faculty staff. Searches are underway for newly approved cluster hires in Big Data, Finance, Clinical Affective Neuroscience of Anxiety and Depression, National Security, and Genomics. We are on track to meet our NYSUNY 2020 hiring goal of 267 faculty along with all necessary support staff by 2016. 

Increased Financial Aid
Since Fall 2011, SBU has provided almost $8.6 million in tuition credit and merit-based aid to our students.

  • $6.4 million under the SUNY Tuition Credit Program (as mandated by NYSUNY 2020 statute)
  • $1.9 million in the SBU Tuition Credit Program for students with family income less than $75,000
    (the SBU TAP gap program)
  • Almost $300,000 in the SBU Merit-Based Aid Program for students with family income between
    $75,000 to $100,000

Investing the Academic Excellence Fee in Student Success
During the 2012–13 academic year and the current 2013–14 academic year, SBU has dedicated more than
$8 million in revenue derived from the Academic Excellence fee to improve undergraduate performance and retention, and to expand the excellence of our graduate, medical and health science programs.

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