Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Q. How do I find out about a specific academic area of study or individual courses in my area of interest?

A. The following bulletins all contain descriptions of SBUs academic programs and degree requirements:

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Q. How do I enroll in a class at Stony Brook Manhattan?

A. Stony Brook students enroll exactly as they would for an undergraduate or graduate class on the main campus. Non-Stony Brook students visit the Stony Brook Manhattan registration information page.

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Q. What if I get an error message when enrolling online via the Solar System?

A. Consult the table below for guidance. For additional assistance, please complete a Solar Sytem trouble ticket or consult the Solar Student Guide.

Error Message
What You Should Do
Student Not Enrolled, Class %1 Full This class is filled; register for it again next semester.
Cannot Enroll in Class, Not an Enrollment Section Check the class number and try to register for it again.
Pre- and/or corequisites not met; consult department or instructor for permission. Speak with the department to obtain permission to enroll in this class.
Invalid Access to Enrollment Transaction Log out and log into Solar System again.
Time Scheduling Conflict, Student Not Enrolled In Class Check your schedule to be sure class times do not overlap.
Student not enrolled — Combined section class %1 is full This section is full; register for another section of this class. If no other sections are offered, register for this class again next semester.
%1 to Enroll in Class, Add Not Processed. Try to enroll in the class again later.
Hold On Student's Record, Add Not Processed Contact the Bursar’s Office regarding your student record.
Student Already Enrolled in Class, Add Not Processed Check your schedule to be sure class times do not overlap.
Unable To Process Drop, Hold On Student's Record Contact the Bursar’s Office regarding your student record.


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Q. Can I enroll in person at Stony Brook Manhattan?

A. Not at present. After you have completed the necessary application procedures outlined on the Stony Brook Manhattan registration information page you will soon be able to enroll in classes using the Solar System or by telephone.

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Q. If after taking a course in Manhattan, I wish to enroll in a program offered on the main campus, will I receive credit for the Stony Brook Manhattan course?

A. Yes! Studying in Manhattan is exactly the same as doing so on the main campus. So long as you were properly enrolled in the course and it was a credit-bearing course and required for the program you are interested in, you will be able to apply the credits toward the program.

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Q. Whom can I contact about any other matters involving programs and courses at Stony Brook Manhattan?

A. For general information regarding programs and courses in Manhattan, contact Dr. Brent Lindquist, Associate Provost, Stony Brook University, at (631-632-7012).

For specific information about academic programs and degree requirements offered by Stony Brook University, consult one of the bulletins listed in Question No. 1 above.

For any other information, contact Scott Sullivan, Business Coordinator, (646) 472-2000.

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