If you are a Stony Brook student:

Enroll as you would for all other SBU classes via the web-based SOLAR System, using your Stony Brook ID and password.

Questions? Call Registrar’s Office at (631) 632-6175. Students enrolling in Health Science Center courses call HSC Student Services at (631) 444-2111.

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If you attend another institution or have not completed an undergraduate degree:

You may be admitted to Stony Brook as a non-matriculated (visiting) undergraduate student by contacting one of the offices below. Once you have been admitted you may enroll in classes on the web or by telephone as described above. Tuition and fees are usually the same for both non-matriculated and matriculated students. If you attend another institution you should seek prior approval to transfer Stony Brook credits before enrolling in classes at Stony Brook. You should also consult your financial aid office to see if you may use your financial aid for classes at Stony Brook Manhattan.

Academic Year Enrollment:
Call Undergraduate Admissions at (631) 632-6868 or e-mail to apply to Stony Brook as a nonmatriculated undergraduate student. However, if you wish to enroll in a School of Social Welfare course at any level, you must submit its application. Call Kathy Albin at (631) 444-3141.

Health Sciences Center Enrollment:
Contact Student Services Office, Health Sciences Center at (631) 444-2111.

Summer Sessions Enrollment:
You may enroll as a visiting Summer Sessions student by submitting an application on the Summer Sessions Web site and view details about summer course schedules and descriptions, enrollment procedures, costs and payment (including the deferred payment plan).

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If you have a Bachelor's degree:

Students with bachelors’ degrees wishing to enroll in either undergraduate or graduate courses without working toward a degree should apply as non-matriculated graduate students through the School of Professional Development. E-mail or call (631) 632-7050. Students wishing to take Health Sciences Center courses should contact the HSC Student Services Office at (631) 444-2111.

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Students enrolling in courses given at Stony Brook Manhattan must abide by the University Academic Calendar deadlines and procedures.

Students in courses offered by the Health Sciences Center must follow the HSC Academic Calendar deadlines and procedures.