Students registering for courses given in the Manhattan Center must abide by the University Academic Calendar deadlines and procedures. Note that courses offered through the Health Sciences Center must follow the HSC Academic Calendar.

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(Note: All classes with a course number of 500 or higher are graduate or continuing education-level classes. Undergraduate offerings have course numbers below 500.)

For the most current course listings, descriptions, and availability, please use Stony Brook University’s online class search functions, part of the SOLAR System. Even as a non-Stony Brook University student, you can use the class search functions to examine the most current offerings here. Be sure to specify "Manhattan campus" in your searches to find the courses taking place at Stony Brook Manhattan.

For the latest on Summer Session classes at Stony Brook Manhattan, click here, navigate to Courses, and then search by department or view updated PDFs.

For classes in the Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy program, please click here.

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