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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be a music major to be in the marching band?
A. No. Our students represent all six undergraduate colleges and graduate school as well.
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Q. Do I need to audition for the marching band?
A. Yes and No.  We accept all students who would like to be a part of the marching band. However, we will audition students during band camp to determine your ability level.
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Q. Do I need to have prior marching band experience?
A. No!  We'll help you learn no matter what your experience level is!
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Q. Will I get academic credit for being in the marching band?
A. Yes. One credit will be offered for being in marching band. You will be graded based on your attendance at practices and performances. Band members must enroll in MUS 268.
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Q. Will there be a band camp? If so, will it be mandatory?
A. Yes and yes. Band camp will be held during the week immediately before fall semester classes begin. The purpose of band camp is to teach you our marching style and techniques, to learn the music, and to learn our pre-game and halftime shows.
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Q. Will meals be paid for during band camp?
A. Yes. Meals will be provided during band camp.
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Q. Will I be able to move in early for band camp?
A. Yes. All marching band members attending band camp will be on the early access list provided to Residence Hall Directors.
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Q. Do I need to provide my own instrument?
A. It depends on your instrument. If you play a small instrument, we will expect you to provide your own instrument. Instruments supplied by the band will include percussion, sousaphone, marching baritone, mellophone (aka horn), and piccolo.
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Q. Will there be an instrument rental fee?
A. No. If you play one of the instruments that will be provided by the program, there is no rental fee. Students will, however, will be responsible for maintaining that instrument in good working order.
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Q. How often will we rehearse?
A. We will rehearse twice each week - Mondays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, and Fridays, 3:20 pm– 5:20 pm. There will also be rehearsals Saturday mornings before home games. All rehearsals and performances are mandatory.
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Q. Will there be a uniform rental fee?
A. No. The uniform will be provided to the students at no charge.
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Q. When and where do we perform?
A. Marching Band performs before and during all home football games in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, LaValle Stadium. We also perform at the annual homecoming parade on campus.  In addition, we will perform at some on or off campus activities. We hope to include travel to an away game in our schedule.
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Q. Are there leadership opportunities for me within the marching band?
A. Yes. We have a drum major who leads us in rehearsals and performances and each section of the band has a section leader who is responsible for making sure that band members know their music for the performances.
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Q. Will practice and performances take away from my studies?
A. Marching Band members are typically among the highest academic performers on campus.  We feel that this is because band members learn how to budget their time effectively.  It also helps to be on campus before other students arrive, and to be associated with students who know how to achieve academic success.
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Q. Is there a color guard?
A. Yes!  Color guard members do everything the band does including enrolling in MUS 268.
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Q. Will we be competing against other bands?
A. No.  Contrary to popular perceptions, band competitions don’t exist at the University level.  We focus our energy toward making the Stony Brook campus a happening place to be on game days and we will be creating and carrying on the traditions that make Stony Brook such a special place.
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