Frequently Asked Questions

What is "It’s About Us"—the Faculty/Staff Campaign?

It's about us supporting Stony Brook University so that others will join us. Campus support for our University will help us leverage greater external giving.

I already give to the University SEFA campaign. Does my SEFA gift count?
No. The funds raised for the SEFA campaign, although important to our community, do not contribute directly to the University. We are glad and grateful that you support SEFA, but through the It's About Us Campaign we are asking you to support our students and our University directly.

How can I qualify for the Simons Gift match?
Academic Excellence Challenge Grant: Gifts that qualify for the Simons Challenge will be used to fund new scholarships for the most talented undergraduate and graduate students, to retain and attract outstanding faculty, and to create and enhance interdisciplinary academic programs, institutes, and centers of excellence.

Donations that qualify for the Simons Challenge start at $25,000. Gifts may be paid over a period of five years. However, the matching dollars will be credited to the gift once the $25,000 threshold is met.

For example: A donor makes a commitment in 2011 of $25,000 payable over the next five years ($5,000 per year). The matching funds will be earned on the pledge in 2016, creating a $50,000 fund in 2016 to support the donor’s primary area of interest.


First-Time Alumni Donor Match: As part of the Challenge Grant, the Simons Foundation will match all gifts from first-time alumni donors to encourage Stony Brook alumni to support their alma mater and its future.

Gifts of all sizes will be matched, dollar for dollar, immediately.

For example: An alumna makes her first gift of $100 to the Stony Brook Fund for Excellence (or to any fund supporting the alumna’s primary area of interest on campus). The Simons Foundation will match that gift immediately, generating a $200 charitable impact.

Why should I give, and how much should I give?
We ask you to give because we believe that our University is worth investing in. Every gift, no matter the dollar amount, is important. Your participation is key to the success of our campaign. It will show donors that a large percentage of our faculty and staff are ready to step forward and support our students and our programs.

What are my payment options?
You may give cash or by check, credit card, or payroll deduction. If you give by payroll deduction, the minimum is $2.00 per paycheck, and payments will begin within two pay cycles of when you submit your request. If you would like to consider a planned gift, an endowment gift, or a multi-year pledge, please contact Jason Hsueh in the Stony Brook Foundation office at 632-6536.

If I signed up for payroll deduction last year, will it automatically renew?
Yes. Payroll deduction continues at the amount set to the funds selected until you authorize the Stony Brook Foundation, by written notice or via email, to make any changes.

Are there fees associated with contributions to the faculty staff campaign?
There are no overhead fees associated with scholarship funds, endowment funds, or planned gifts. For current use, non-scholarship funds there is a one-time 6% administrative fee.

I’ve already made an annual gift this year. Will it count toward the "It’s About Us" campaign?
Yes, and we thank you very much for your contribution to Stony Brook. You may wish to consider making an additional contribution targeted for this faculty/staff campaign.

Who can I call for more information or for another brochure?
West Campus employees should contact Rick Guarino at 2-4873. East Campus employees should contact Heather Edwards at 4-2687.

For information on planned gifts, endowments or multi-year pledges, please contact Jason Hsueh in the Stony Brook Foundation office at 632-6536.