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  • Supports the Mission and Strategic Efforts of Healthier U.
  • Relates to a Dimension of Wellness:  Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Occupational and Physical.
  • Attempts to redirect Stony Brook University employees back to Stony Brook University and create a University-Wide return-on-investment.  (applies to SBU Sourced Programming and Programs).
  • Recognizes that Stony Brook University is comprised of different physical locations and employees with varied availability.
  • The location, parking and access to the event/program are acceptable for Stony Brook University employees.
  • Stony Brook University employees and participants will only need to provide voluntary information.


Thank you for reviewing Healthier U's Program Criteria for Sponsorship & Marketing.  If your program meets the criteria we invite you to read Healthier U's Guidelines for Presenters.