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To integrate the missions of Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Medicine to provide an innovative wellness program for all employees, designed to address the total well-being: mind, body and spirit. This program will educate, encourage and empower our employees to make healthy decisions and lifestyle choices, while enhancing our sense of community and culture of health and wellness.


Healthier U will become a nationally recognized model for being a great health and wellness driven university community that is readily committed to its employees' well-being.

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Healthier U was created by Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, President of Stony Brook University. It provides a comprehensive and innovative model health program that focuses on the improvement and education of employee health and wellness.

The diverse committees are composed of members from all campuses, across departments and professions to coordinate and promote all Healthier U programming including existing campus services and activities.


This committee provides guidance and support to three subcommittees.  It coordinates and communicates the activities between the subcommittees to focus on the mission of Healthier U.

Liaisons to Subcommittees:
Clinton Weaver, Chair, Public Affairs & Marketing, Stony Brook Medicine
Donna Buehler, Director of Organizational Wellness & Healthier U Initiatives

Marketing and Website Subcommittee Co-chairs:
Theresa Diemer, Information Systems, Campus Residences
Elizabeth Seaman, Preventative Medicine

Programming and Budget Subcommittee Co-chairs:
Dean Bowen, Campus Recreation Center
Natalie Semenyuk, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

Strategic Planning Subcommittee Co-chairs:
Lynne Barnett, Mathematics
Rajiv Lajmi, IT-Project Management


Marketing and Website Subcommittee
Pura Capone, School of Nursing
Theresa Diemer, Information Systems, Campus Residences (Co-chair)
Susan Katz, DNP, Stony Brook Children's Hospital, Infant Apnea Program
Elizabeth Seaman, Preventative Medicine (Co-chair)
Nancy Wozniak, TLT/Faculty Center

Programming and Budget Subcommittee
Dean Bowen, Campus Recreation Center (Co-chair)
Diane Calabrese, Continuous Quality Improvement
Ann D. Cuccia, Respiratory Care Program, School of Health, Technology and Management
Sara Lehmann, Accounting
Joan Logan, MMIS/Lawson Training and Support
Maria Loret de Mola, Employee  Health & Wellness
Amanda Mills, Undergraduate Admissions
Candiano Rienzie, Physical Therapy, School of Health, Technology and Management
Jordana Rothschild, MD, Preventative Medicine
Natalie Semenyuk, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Co-chair)
Theresa Tiso, Physical Therapy, School of Health, Technology and Management
Kristina Tiernan, Kelly Dining Center

Strategic Planning Subcommittee
Lynne Barnett, Mathematics (Co-chair)
David Bekofsky, Transplantation Center
Josephine Connolly-Schoonen, PhD, Family Medicine
Doreen Day, Care Management
Diane Henry-Vanisko, Neurobiology and Behavior
Patrick Ianuccilli, Systems Support
Alfreda James, PhD, Career Center
Rajiv Lajmi, IT-Project Management (Co-chair)
John Mastacciuola, Faculty Student Association
Raymond McKenna, PhD, Physical Therapy, School of Health, Technology and Management
Kristen J. Nyitray, Melville Memorial Library
Anthony Pesce, MD, Student Health Services


The Healthier U Advisory Committee comprises all members of the Executive Committee and the Subcommittees.


Laurie E. Rafkin, Stony Brook Medicine Administration
Ray C. Williams, DMD, School of Dental Medicine
Kenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD, Pathology
Gloria Snyder, Hospital Auxiliary