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Healthier U Mission:

To integrate the missions of Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Medicine to provide an innovative wellness program for all employees, designed to address the total well-being: mind, body and spirit. This program will educate, encourage and empower our employees to make healthy decisions and lifestyle choices, while enhancing our sense of community and culture of health and wellness.


To serve as a liaison to the Healthier U Advisory Committee by:

  • Supporting the mission of Healthier U;
  • Promoting health and wellness among faculty and staff at Stony Brook;
  • Sharing information about programs, activities, and resources with your department, co-workers and colleagues;
  • Providing Healthier U with departmental wishes/ideas.


Must be enthusiastic about promoting health and wellness in the workplace and being a catalyst for culture change.

Voluntary role with a minimal time commitment.

Approval from supervisor and department heads to distribute Healthier U information.


Market and publicize Healthier U activities and programs on campus.

Recruit faculty and staff to participate in Healthier U programs and activities.

Direct faculty and staff to Healthier U resources.

Participate in Healthier U programs and activities.

Identify potential ideas, strategies & programs for enhancing wellness.

Provide feedback to Healthier U committee.


Receive Healthier U T-shirt and goody bag.

Form relationships with others across campus who share your passion for wellness.

Be an active participant in fostering a culture of “wellness” on campus.

Recognition for service as a Healthier U Ambassador.


Initial training during program kick off.

Attend 1 hour orientation/training bi-annually.

Application process:

Obtain approval from your supervisor, then fill out application

For questions please contact or call 631-632-2945 for more information.