Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate, which can be completed in two years, consists of five courses, chosen from among the following:

WRT 506 / EGL 506 Studies in Literary Theory

WRT 509 / EGL 509 Studies in Language and Linguistics

WRT 592 / EGL 592 Problems in the Teaching of Writing

WRT 612 / EGL 612 Composition Theory

WRT 613 / EGL 613 Research in Composition

WRT 614 / EGL 614 Topics in Composition and Writing

(may be repeated with different topics)

WRT 698 / EGL 698 Practicum in Teaching of Writing (for PhD candidates or teachers with an MA degree) or

Up to two courses may be taken from the following list, with enrollment permission from the Linguistics Department:

LIN 522 Phonetics

LIN 527 Structure of English

LIN 530 Introduction to General Linguistics

Note: One course from another university may be applied towards this Certificate with approval from the Director

Note 2: Students may petition to the Director of the Writing Program that a course at Stony Brook other than those above be counted towards the Certificate if the course is determined to contribute to the student’s mastery of writing and language study.