Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Operations Research 

The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Operations Research provides students with the fundamental applied mathematics tools for developing protocols for the efficient management of private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. In today's global marketplace, organizations need to be efficient to survive. The Operations Research program will provide formal training in methods of optimization, modeling and statistics used in operations research. The objective of this program is to help individuals assist organizations to make efficient use of their resources so as to maximize efficiency and minimize net cost. Graduates of this program may be able to advance in management and organizational planning positions within their current employment or obtain new employment. It is recommended that applicants to the program hold a bachelor's degree in mathematics, engineering or computer science.

The program is offered in collaboration with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and articulates with the M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics as well as the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies offered through SPD. If you intend to pursue the M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, please refer to the University's Graduate Bulletin for any additional admission requirements.


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