Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Faculty of the MBA Department

London, Manuel, also Director of the Center for Human Resource Management. Ph.D., 1974, Ohio State University: Performance management programs; training & development; team learning.

Associate Dean
Holod, Dmytro., Ph.D. 2005, University of Kentucky: Economics; banking and financial intermediation; financial markets and institutions; monetary policy; economic growth.


Kamins, Michael A., Ph.D., 1984, New York University: Marketing.

Laskowski, Richard, Ed.D., 1982, St. Johns University: Sports management; introduction to business.

Skorin-Kapov, Jadranka, Ph.D., 1987, University of British Columbia, Canada, Ph.D., 2007, Stony Brook University: operations management; operations research; decision sciences.

Sexton, Thomas R., Ph.D., 1979, Stony Brook University, Applied Math & Statistics, research focus on productivity and efficiency theory and analysis

Wolf, Gerrit, Ph.D., 1967, Cornell University; Entrepreneurship; Organizational behavior; human resources management; international management.

Associate Professors
Holod, Dmytro., Ph.D. 2005, University of Kentucky: Economics; banking and financial intermediation; financial markets and institutions; monetary policy; economic growth.

Jiang, Danling, Ph.D., 2006, Ohio State University: Finance

Kim, Francis, Ph.D., 1994, Baruch College: Accounting

Lewis, Herbert F., Ph.D., 1996, Stony Brook University, Applied Math & Statistics: focus in Operations Research

Yang, Zhifeng, Ph.D., 2006, University of Alberta: Finance

Assistant Professors

Amin, Keval Ph.D., 2014, Temple University Fox School of Business: Accounting

Connell, Paul M., Ph.D., 2008, University of Arizona: Marketing; consumer psychology related to identity; attitudes and behavior; public policy.

Bear, Julia, Ph.D., 2010, Carnegie Mellon University: Organizational Behavior and Theory

Buhrau, Denise, Ph.D. 2010, Tulane University, consumer behavior; particularly in the context of health behaviors.

Cao, Jiyin, Ph.D., 2015, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management: Management & Organization

Caprariello, Peter, Ph.D. 2012, University of Rochester, consumer behavior; specifically specifying the relationship context of life experiences versus material possessions affords a more complete understanding of how money can be spent in the pursuit of happiness

Chan, Richard (Chien-Sheng), Ph.D., 2010, University of Washington Seattle: Management & Organization with a focus on technology entrepreneurship, behavioral decision theory and research methods.

Cushenbery, Lily, Ph.D., 2012, Pennsylvania State University, University Park: Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Delton, Andrew W., Ph.D., 2010, University of California Santa Barbara: Psychology

Feng, Qian (Cecilia), Ph.D. Candidate (expected 12/2014), Temple University Fox School of Business: Accounting

Huang, Julie Y., Ph.D., 2011, Yale University: Social Psychology

Kim, Aaron, Ph.D., 2005, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea: Mathematics.

Liu, Ting, Ph.D. 2008, Boston University, Economics, in the areas of industrial organization, health economics, and applied microeconomic theory.

Pew, Ethan, Ph.D. 2012, University of Colorado, consumer behavior, in the context of investment decision making

Robertson, Theresa E., Ph.D., 2011, University of California Santa Barbara: Psychology

Sherman, Gary, Ph.D., 2011, University of Virginia: Social Psychology

Torna, Gokhan, Ph.D., 2013, University of Kansas: Finance Xiao, Keli, Ph.D., 2013, Rutgers University: Finance

Xiao, Keli, Ph.D., 2013, Rutgers: Finance

Zhou, Yiyi, Ph.D., 2012, University of Virginia, Economics, in the areas of dynamic pricing and the video game market

Research Professors

Barragto, Charles A., Ph.D., 2002 Baruch College: Business

Comunale, Christie, Ph.D., 1999, University of South Florida: Accounting

Pitocco, Christine, Ph.D., 2013, CW Post Long Island University: Philosophy

Stoyanov, Stoyan, Ph.D., 2005, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany: Mathematical Finance

Abbruscato, Camille; M.B.A, Dowling College: Marketing, marketing strategy, marketing research, brand management, new product development.

Allocca, Carl, Director of Undergraduate Studies, MST, CPA, Long Island University: Public and private accounting; auditing; taxation; internal control, systems development.

Ettl, Robert., M.B.A., Iona College; M.C.A., New York Institute of Technology; M.B.A., Penn State: Marketing; strategic planning; government relations; public relations.

Lekacos, Aristotle T. M.S., Polytechnic Institute of New York: Information systems; business strategic; entrepreneurship; innovation; simulations.

Nugent, Michael., M.B.A., Dowling College: Financial Engineering; derivatives; international finance; capital markets and institutions; foreign exchange markets; investment analysis; corporate finance; business strategy.

Palermo, Mark R., J.D., Hofstra University School of Law; M.B.A., Adelphi University: Finance; strategy; economics; law; general business.

Affiliate Faculty

Brusco, Sandro, Ph.D., 1993, Stanford University: Economic Analysis & Policy.

Pittinsky, Todd, Ph.D., 2001, Harvard University.  

Tauman, Yair, Ph.D., 1979, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel: Mathematics.

Adjunct Faculty

Aguayo, Rafael, M.B.A, Finance and International Business

Coverdale, John, Human Resources Delgaizo, Edward, Ph.D., Human Resources Feinberg, Ronald, Management

Higuera, Michael Shane, Ed.D., Management and Business Analytics

Kerr Daniel, Ph.D., C.P.A., Accounting and Auditing

Mager, Thomas, M.B.A

Mone, Edward, M.A., Human Resource Management

Pack, Lori, J.D., M.B.A., Marketing and Human Resources

Rosner, Lee, Real Estate Finance

Tallerico, Thomas, M.S.; M.B.A., Finance