Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Faculty of the Mathematics Department

Faculty of the Mathematics Department

Anderson, Michael, Ph.D., 1981, University of California, Berkeley: Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Mathematical Physics.

Bishop, Christopher, Ph.D., 1987, University of Chicago: Geometric Function Theory, Complex Analysis, Applied Math, Riemann Surfaces, Dynamical Systems, Geometric Analysis.

De Cataldo, Mark, Ph.D., 1995, University of Notre Dame: High-Dimensional Algebraic Geometry.

Chen, Xiuxiong 1994, University of Pennsylvania: Differential geometry, Complex Differential Geometry.

Donaldson, Simon 5, Ph.D., 1983 Oxford University: Differential Geometry, Gauge Theory, topology of Smooth Manifolds, Symplectic Geometry.

Ebin, David, Ph.D., 1967, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Global analysis, Continuum Mechanics, Partial Differential Equations.

Fukaya, Kenji 5, Ph.D, 1986 University of Tokyo: Symplectic Geometry, Riemannian Geometry.

Glimm, James3,6, Ph.D., 1959, Columbia University: Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Physics.

Grushevsky, Samuel3,5, 2002 Harvard University: Complex Geometry, Several Complex Variables.

Hill, C. Denson, Ph.D., 1966, New York University: Partial Differential Equations, Several Complex Variables.

Jones, Lowell, Ph.D., 1970, Yale University: Topology of Manifolds, Differential Geometry.

Kirillov Jr., Alexander, Undergraduate Program Director, Ph.D., 1995, Yale University: Representation Theory, Low Dimensional Topology, Mathematical Physics.

Lawson, H. Blaine, Jr.3, Ph.D., 1968, Stanford University: Differential Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Geometry.

Lazarsfeld, Robert 3,, Chairperson, Ph.D., 1980 Brown University: Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra

LeBrun, Claude, Graduate Program Director, Ph.D., 1980, University of Oxford, England: Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Algebraic Geometry.

Lyubich, Mikhail4Director of Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ph.D., 1983, Tashkent State University, Russia: Dynamical Systems, Kleinian Groups and their Deformation Spaces.

Martens, Marco, Ph.D., 1990, Delft University, The Netherlands: Dynamical Systems.

Michelsohn, Marie-Louise, Ph.D., 1974, University of Chicago: Differential Geometry.

Milnor, John W.3,4Co-Director of Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ph.D., 1954, Princeton University: Dynamical Systems Topology, Geometry.

Morgan, John5Director of Simons Center for Geometry and Physics,Ph.D., 1969, Rice University: Topology of Manifolds, Algebraic Geometry, Three and Four Dimensional Manifolds.

Phillips, Anthony V., Ph.D., 1966, Princeton University: Differential Topology and Applications to Mathematical Physics.

Schul, Raanan, Associate Undergraduate Chair, Ph.D., 2004 Harvard University: Real Analysis, Geometric Measure Theory.

Simons, James H., Ph.D., 1962, University of California, Berkeley: Differential Geometry, Functionals of Riemannian Metrics and Connections.

Starr, Jason, Associate Graduate Chair, Ph.D., 2000 Harvard University: Algebraic Geometry.

Sullivan, Dennis3,4, Ph.D., 1965, Princeton University: Dynamical Systems, Topology, Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Quantum Topology.

Takhtajan, Leon, Ph.D., 1975, Leningrad Branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia: Mathematical Physics and Applications to Complex and Algebraic Analysis.

Varolin, Dror, Associate Chair, Ph.D., 1997, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Complex Analysis and Geometry.

Viro, Oleg, Ph.D., 1974, Leningrad University: Geometry and Topology.

Zinger, Aleksey. Ph.D., 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Symplectic Topology, Enumerative Algebraic Geometry.

Associate Professors

Berger, Lisa, Ph.D., 2007, University of Arizona: Number Theory, Mathematics Education of Teachers.

Chas, Moira, Ph.D., 1998, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona: Geometric Topology, Dynamical Systems.

Khuri, Marcus, Ph.D., 2003, University of Pennsylvania: Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, General Relativity.

Laza, Radu, Ph.D., 2006, Columbia University: Algebraic geometry, Several Complex Variables.

Movshev, Michael, Ph.D., 1997, University of Pennsylvania: Algebra

Plamenevskaya, Olga, Undergraduate Program Associate Director, Ph.D., 2004, Harvard University: Contact and Symplectic Geometry, Low-Dimensional Topology.

Schnell, Christian, Ph.D., 2008 Ohio State University: Algebraic Geometry.

Sun, Song, Ph.D., 2010 University of Wisconsin-Madison: Differential and Algebraic Geometry.

Sutherland, Scott2,4, Ph.D., 1989, Boston University: Dynamical Systems, Computing.

Assistant Professors

Hough, Robert, Ph.D., 2012 Stanford University: Probability, Analytic Number Theory.

McLean, Mark, Ph.D., 2008 Cambridge University: Algebraic Geometry; Differential Geometry, Symplectic Topology.

Research Assistant Professor

Kamenova, Ljudmila, Ph.D., 2006: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Complex Geometry.

James H. Simons Instructors
Bodnár, Józef, Ph.D., 2013 Eötvös Loránd University: Algebraic Geometry, Low Dimensional Topology.

Foscolo, Lorenzo, Ph.D., 2013 Imperial College, London: Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis.

Guenancia, Henri, Ph.D., 2013 Université Paris Vl-Pierre et Marie Curie: Complex Geometry.

Lombardi, Luigi, Ph.D., 2013 University of Illinois at Chicago: Algebraic Geometry.

Saccà, Giulia, Ph.D., 2013 Princeton University: Algebraic Geometry.

Zhang, Letao, Ph.D., 2014 Rice University: Algebraic Geometry.

Zhang, Ruobing, Ph.D., 2016 Princeton University: Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis.

Research Training Group Postdoctoral  Fellow

McMillan, Benjamin, Ph.D., 2016 University of California, Berkeley: Differential Geometry, Geometry of PDE.

Ryan, Timothy, Ph.D., 2016 University of Illinois at Chicago: Algebraic Geometry.

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Brunyate, Adrian, Ph.D., 2015 University of Georgia: Algebraic Geometry.

Chen, Holly, M.S., 1996 SUNY Buffalo: Mathematics and Computation.

Flynn, Miriam, M.A., 1976 Stony Brook University: Math Education, Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practice.

Viro, Julia, Ph.D., 1991 Leningrad University: Low-Dimensional Topology.

Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Lyubich, Mikhail, Director, Ph.D., 1983, Tashkent State University, Russia: Dynamical Systems.

Milnor, John W.3Co-Director, Ph.D., 1954, Princeton University: Dynamical Systems; Topology, Geometry. 

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Lecturers
Li, Zhiqiang, Ph.D., 2015 University of California, Los Angeles: Dynamical Systems.

Lodge, Russell, Ph.D., 2012 Indiana University: Dynamical Systems.

Mukherjee, Sabayasachi, Ph.D., 2015 Jacobs University, Bremen: Dynamical Systems, Parameter Spaces of Holomorphic Dynamical Systems.

Radu, Remus, Ph.D., 2013 Cornell University: Complex Dynamics in One or Several Variables, Analysis.

Tanase, Raluca, Ph.D., 2013 Cornell University: Dynamical Systems, Computer Science.


Bedford, Eric Ph.D., 1974 University of Michigan: Several Complex Variables, Dynamical Systems, Geometric Function Theory, Geometric Analysis.

Winkler, Bjorn Ph.D., 2011 KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Dynamical Systems.

Professors Emeriti

Barcus, William Ph.D., 1955 University of Oxford, England: Algebraic Topology.

Knapp, Anthony Ph.D., 1965 Princeton University: Lie Groups, Representation Theory.

Kra, Irwin Ph.D., 1966 Columbia University: Complex Analysis, Kleinian Groups.

Maskit, Bernard Ph.D., 1964 New York University: Complex analysis, Riemann surfaces, Kleinian Groups and Deformation spaces, Computational Psycholinguistics.

McDuff, Dusa Ph.D., 1971 Cambridge University, England: Geometry, Symplectic Topology.

Pincus, Joel Ph.D., 1959 New York University: Operator Theory, Integral Equations.


1) Recipient of the State University President’s and Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1990

2) Recipient of the State University President’s and Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Service, 2006

3) Distinguished Professor

4) Member, Institute for Mathematical Sciences

5) Member, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

6) Joint appointment, Applied Mathematics and Statistics