Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

School of Journalism Facilities

The School of Journalism maintains a technologically advanced, $1.3 million, bi-level Newsroom. It is located on the ground floor of Melville Library, with an electronic news ticker that faces the Academic Mall. The Newsroom is equipped with 38 Mac Pro Workstations, with a system that allows any piece of work to be displayed simultaneously on any or all desktops, as well as on a large projection screen.   Each workstation has dual 23-inch Apple HD Cinema Displays and Mac Final Cut Pro video editing software, the industry standard, as well as PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Google Earth Pro, InDesign and Illustrator. Students have access to national and local news wires.

Besides housing classes, the Newsroom serves as a bustling home base and informal workspace for journalism students. Video conferencing software allows guest lectures, remote interviews and course collaboration between the Newsroom and other sites.

The School of Journalism also has a fully equipped TV studio, with three studio cameras, teleprompters, an anchor desk, an interview set, chroma key green-screen set and a control room. Mobile equipment available for use by journalism students in the field includes Sony and JVC high-definition video cameras, Nikon D610 and D7100 SLR video/still cameras SB700 Speedlights and digital audio recorders.

Students in the M.S. program will have access to a wide range of library and online resources.