Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Faculty of the Social Welfare Department


Ballan, Michelle, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin:  Prevention and treatment interventions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families; research focused on sexuality, intimate partner violence and direct practice for individuals with disabilities; bioethics; disability studies; human rights and social justice for underserved populations.

Blau, Joel, Director of the Ph.D. Program, D.S.W., Columbia University: History of social welfare, poverty, homelessness, the political economy of social welfare, and comparative social welfare, as well as the major U.S. social programs for food, income supports, health care, housing, and employment policy.

Brisbane, Frances, Vice President for Health Sciences Workforce Diversity, Ph.D. Union Graduate School and University:  Substance abuse and addictive behaviors, culture competence, childhood trauma, aging, veterans and their families.

Leibowitz, George, Ph.D., University of Denver: Research on trauma and victimization among child welfare and juvenile justice involved youth; Addictions and public health issues in the criminal justice system; Assessment and Treatment with Sexually Abusive Youth; Global mental health.

Mondros, Jacqueline B., Dean and Assistant Vice President of Social Determinants of Health, D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania:  Social work education leadership; application of social capital and social network theory to social work practice; social work determinants of health; study of urban neighborhoods; community social services; community development and community organization.

Associate Professors

Fineberg, Iris Cohen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Ph.D. Boston University:  Palliative and end of life care, oncology, family-oriented health care, interdisciplinary education and teamwork, advance care planning, clinical and research ethics, qualitative research methods, mixed methods, evaluation.

Hayward-Everson, R. Anna, Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore:  Child welfare, undocumented immigrant children, family-centered practice, research, program evaluation, environmental social work.

Monahan, Kathleen, Associate Professor, Director of the Family Violence Education and Research Center and Director of the Trauma Specialization, D.S.W., Adelphi University: Sexual abuse; sexual abuse and adult health issues; Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), battered women and Traumatic Brain Injury; domestic violence shelters; disability; aging and trauma; children exposed to domestic violence and siblings.

Robbins, Charles L., Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges, Stony Brook University; D.S.W. Yeshiva University:  Violence in intimate relationships and as a public health problem, health-care policy, health care disparities, social work and health care, the use of complementary medicine, men's health, cultural competency. 

Assistant Professors

Bessaha, Melissa L., Ph.D., University of Maryland: Adolescent and emerging adult development; educational and health equity; multicultural and immigrant issues; mental health services research; higher education policy; program development and evaluation.

Hammock, Amy, Ph.D., University of Michigan:  Intimate partner violence intervention and prevention; Community-based participatory research; Community practice with immigrant populations; Qualitative methods; Feminist theory and practice.

Clinical Associate Professors

Farrington, Jack, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University:  Community health orientation; advocacy; human rights for Long Island teenagers and domestic violence.

Morgan, Richard, Ph.D., Fordham University: Child welfare policy and programs; child sexual abuse and juvenile sex offenders; research, ethics.

Peabody, Carolyn, Ph.D., Stony Brook University: Advocacy/empowerment theory and practice, feminist theory and practice, mental health, lesbian and gay issues, development of political identity among oppressed populations, impact of sexual abuse histories among mental health populations.

Velázquez, Suzanne, Director of the Undergraduate Program, Ph.D., Stony Brook University: Community Development, service-learning, cultural competency, leadership, transformative learning, higher education policy, organizational culture management, women's life work issues.

Clinical Assistant Professors

Rabeno, Stephen, Ph.D., Adelphia University: Poverty, homelessness, and the political economy of social welfare; substance abuse; intimate relationships; gender studies.

Cohen, Shelly, D.Phil., Oxford University:  Criminal justice research, problem solving courts, substance abuse, program evaluation and statistical analysis.