Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

MS in Human Resource Management Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management program consists of 10 three-credit courses as outlined below. Students are expected to take HRM 532 and HRM 533 as their first courses. The capstone course, HRM 595, may be taken after the completion of 24 hours of course work in the program.

  • HRM 532 Foundations of Human Resources
  • HRM 533 Employee Relations and Labor Management
  • HRM 537 Employee Learning and Professional/Career Development
  • HRM 538 Organizational Development and Change Management (prerequisite: HRM 532)
  • HRM 541 Human Relations and Workforce Planning
  • HRM 545 Employment Law and Policy (prerequisite: HRM 533)
  • HRM 546 Job Evaluation, Compensation Systems, and Benefits
  • HRM 547 Performance Management in Organizations (may substitute MBA 592 Organizational Behavior)
  • HRM 548 Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace (prerequisite: HRM 532 or HRM 541)
  • HRM 595 Strategic Human Resources Master’s Project (prerequisite: 24 credits of HRM course work)
    • A grade of "B" or better is required for degree clearance.



Advanced Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management Program Requirements

This program is undergoing revision and is not currently accepting applications. The information below is offered for currently matriculated students.

Students admitted in Spring 2015 are expected to complete seven three-credits courses distributed among the areas below. Students who are matriculated in the MS in HRM, MPS in HRM or MALS program will only need to complete six three-credit courses.


  • CES 516 or HRM/MBA 533 Survey of Employee Relations
  • CES 515 or HRM/MBA 532 Foundations of Human Resource Management 


AREA COURSES  - 15 credits (12 credits if also matriculated in the MS, MALS, or MPS program)
At least one course must be from each of the two main categories: Human Resource Administration and Employee Relations. Only one elective course may be taken.

Human Resource Administration

  • CES 510/MBA 510 Employee Benefits
  • CES 511/MBA 513 or HRM 541 Human Relations in the Workplace
  • CES 523/MBA 523 Human Resource Management Workshop
  • CES 526/MBA 526  or HRM 546 Job Evaluation and Compensation Systems (prerequisite: CES 515 or CES 523)
  • CEX 537/HRM/MBA 537 Employee Learning and Development
  • CEX 538/MBA 538 Organizational Change Management (prerequisite: CES 515 or CES 523)


Employee Relations

  • CES 514/MBA 514 Collective Bargaining in Public Sector (prerequisite: CES 515) 
  • CES 518/MBA 534 Contemporary Issues in Employee Relations 
  • CES 519/MBA 519 Grievance Handling and Arbitration (prerequisite: CES 516) 
  • CES 524/MBA 524 Employee Negotiations Workshop
  • CES 525/MBA 525 or HRM 545 Employment Law (prerequisite: CES 516)
  • CEX 547/MBA 530 Employee Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management 


Electives (only one elective may be used in this Advanced Graduate Certificate)

  • CEI 585 Principles of Adult Learning
  • CES 513/MBA 531 New Developments in Human Resource Management (prerequisite CES 515 or CES 523)
  • CES 523/MBA 523 Human Resource Management Workshop
  • CES 517/MBA 527 Women in the Workplace (formerly: Women, Work and Dollars)
  • CES 521/MBA 520 History of Labor Relations 

Time to Completion

All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student unless the student is also matriculated in a master's degree program. Master's students have five (5) years to complete the certificate requirements.