Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018


In addition to the broad array of scholarly resources offered by Stony Brook University’s Melville Library, the following specialized libraries and collections are open to HPEW students:

  • The Stony Brook Philosophy Department’s Solzberg Library (218 Harriman Hall)
  • The Center for India Studies Library (Melville E5350)
  • The Ino Collection of Japanese and Chinese literature, (Melville Library)
  • The Korean Studies Collection (Melville Library)

HPEW students are also strongly urged to take advantage of some of the world’s premier research and professional networking organizations for philosophy, which are based in the New York area. Organizations particularly relevant to HPEW students and faculty are the following:

  • New York German Idealism Workshop
  • New York City Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy
  • New York/New Jersey Research Group in Early Modern Philosophy
  • Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Ancient Philosophy Society
  • Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science
  • Columbia University Society for Comparative Philosophy