Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Requirements for the MA Degree in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care & Bioethics

The program requires students to complete 30 credit hours (10 courses) and can be completed in one to three years. Four core courses, including our capstone course, are required. For the remaining six elective courses, students must take at least four with our Center faculty and may take the remaining two either from our own courses or from select courses across campus that meet the criteria for credit in the program.

For a list of required courses, elective courses and course descriptions please visit our website.

Required Courses

HCB 501 Compassionate Care, Medical Humanities, and the Illness Experience

HCB 502 Landmark Cases in Bioethics and Law

HCB 503 Traditions and Values in Bioethical Conflicts

HCB 599 Capstone Course


HCB 504 Special Topic in Biotechnology

HCB 510 Literature, Compassion, and Medical Care

HCB 511 Bioethics, Disability & Community

HCB 512 Altruism and Bioethics

HCB 513 Disease and Society

HCB 514 Global Bioethics

HCB 515 Health Policy, History & Ethics

HCB 516 Ethical Issues in Human Reproduction

HCB 517 The Problem of Evil: Philosophical, Biological, and Social Dimensions

HCB 518 Empirical Bioethics

HCB 519 Public Health Law

HCB 520 Bioethics and Film

HCB 521 The Role of Virtue Ethics in Medicine

HCB 522 Clinical Ethics Practicum

HCB 523 Special Topics in Medical Humanities

HCB 524 Special Topics in Bioethics