Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Degree Requirements

The MFA in Film requires a minimum of 45 credits.  In addition to the minimum Graduate School requirements, the following are required:

A.  Required Core Courses (27-28 Credits)

FLM 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies, 4 cr.

FLM 510 Western Theatre & Literature I, 3 cr.

FLM 523 Theatre in New York, 3 cr.

FLM 525 Topics in Theatre, 3 cr.

FLM 576 Theatre Workshop (Summer), 2 cr.

FLM 576 Theatre Workshop (Academic Year), 2-3 cr.

FLM 591 Independent Project, 3 cr.

FLM 660 Acting, 3 cr.

CWL 530 Forms of Scriptwriting: Screenwriting, 4 cr. 

B. One of the following Literature Courses (3 Credits)

FLM 520 Western Theatre & Literature II, 3 cr.

FLM 530 Directed Readings in Theatre, 3 cr.

C. One of the following Writing/Performance Workshops (3-4 Credits)

CWL 510 Forms of Fiction, 4 cr.

CWL 520 Forms of Poetry, 4 cr.

CWL 530 Forms of Scriptwriting, 4 cr.

FLM 575 Adaptation Workshop, 3 cr.

FLM 640 Scenography and New Media, 3 cr.

D. One of the following Interdisciplinary Options (3-4 Credits)

With the approval of the Film Program director, select an interdisciplinary study option chosen from any FLM, TAF, CWL, or other SBU graduate course.

E. One or more of the following practicums (3 credits)

FLM 550 Practicum in Teaching, 3 cr.

FLM 690 Professional Internship, 3 cr.

F. MFA Thesis Project and Paper (6 credits)

FLM 691 MFA Project, 3 cr.

FLM 692 Thesis, 3 cr.

G. Residence Requirement 

This program is normally completed in three years of full-time residency. Three credits must include Southampton residency, FLM 660 Acting for Directors, (or course substitution, pending approval from Director).

University Requirements

The granting of master’s degree is based upon the completion of any special departmental requirements in addition to the items listed below:

A. Courses and Grade Point Average 

A student must maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average 

B. Registration 

Degree candidates must be registered in the program granting their degree. Students must be registered for the semester in which they intend to graduate. Spring (May) and Fall (December) candidates must register for at least one graduate credit; Summer (August) candidates may register for zero credits in either summer session, but it still must be graduate level. 

C. Time Limits

The time limit for the MFA is three years for full-time study and five years for part-time study. A student’s full- or part-time status is based on registration, and the time-limit may be modified if enrollment switches between part- and full-time. The student may petition for an extension of time limit for the degree. Such requests must be filed before the limit is exceeded and must contain a significant justification.