Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Finance Certificate Requirements

The curriculum consists of 18 credits (6 courses; 3 credits each). Students complete two required courses and choose elective courses that explore the broad frontier of modern finance.

Required Courses

  • MBA 502 Finance
  • MBA 504 Financial Accounting

Electives (Choose any 4 courses listed below)

  • FIN 525 Portfolio Management
  • FIN 536 Financial Management
  • FIN 539 Investment Analysis
  • FIN 545 Capital Markets and Financial Institutions
  • FIN 552 Mergers & Acquisitions
  • FIN 576 Real Estate Finance

Time to Completion

All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student unless the student is also matriculated in a master's degree program. Master's students have five (5) years to complete the certificate requirements.