Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Finance Faculty

Courses in the AGC in Finance program are taught by full-time and adjunct faculty appointed by the College of Business.


Full-time Faculty

Brusco, Sandro , Professor, Economics

Focardi, Sergio , Visiting Professor, Finance

Frey, Robert J. , Research Professor

Holod, Dmytro , Associate Dean; Associate Professor, Finance

Kim, Aaron , Assistant Professor, Finance

Liu, Ting , Assistant Professor, Economics

Nugent, Michael , Lecturer, Finance; MBA Program Director; Finance Program Director

Palermo, Mark , Lecturer, Management

Rachev, Svetlozar (Zari) , Professor, Finance

Smith, Noah , Assistant Professor, Finance

Stoyanov, Stoyan , Research Professor, Finance

Tauman, Yair , Professor, Economics

Torna, Gokhan , Assistant Professor, Finance

Xiao, Keli , Assistant Professor, Finance

Zeisberger, Stefan , Assistant Professor, Finance; Director, Center for Behavioral Finance

Zhou, Yiyi , Assistant Professor, Economics


Adjunct Faculty

Mark Bhasin

Vincent Giardini

Cara Marshall

Lee Rosner

Thomas Tallerico