Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Admission to the M.A. Programs of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

For admission to graduate studies in the M.A. programs, the following, in addition to the minimum standards of the Graduate School, are normally required:

1. A Bachelor’s degree in the major language of study or its equivalent from a reputable scholarly institution. For the M.A. applicants selecting the concentration in two Romance Languages, a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a major in French, Italian, or Spanish and at least 18 credits in a second language (French, Italian, or Spanish).

2. Three letters of recommendation written by persons qualified to assess the candidate’s preparation.

3. For foreign students, a TOEFL score meeting the current standards set by the Graduate School.

4. Transcripts of undergraduate records.

5. Acceptance by both the Department and the Graduate School.

6. Normally, a grade average of at least B in the undergraduate major.

Provisional admission may be offered in exceptional cases.

While it is expected that the applicant demonstrate superior preparation in a European language, an undergraduate major in that language is not always required. Students judged to be deficient in language proficiency are required to take remedial courses during the academic year or in the summer.

Foreign students must furnish as much information as possible about their training abroad (official certification degrees, lists of courses taken, and papers submitted, whenever possible), together with letters of recommendation. Each application will be judged individually. Transfer credit for previously taken graduate courses will be assessed by the faculty and approved within the regulations of the Graduate School.