Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Educational Computing Program Description

Educational computing is a diversified area of study which is concerned with the design, implementation and assessment of computer-based technologies to enhance education and training. The advanced graduate certificate program was designed to provide professionals in all fields with the necessary expertise to use technological concepts and devices to improve the performance and management of specific systems. Students in this program focus on one of two professional tracks - education or business and industry. This advanced graduate certificate program is approved by the New York State Education Department (HEGIS 0799).

Students in this program focus on one of two professional tracks: education or business & industry. Experts in educational computing can find employment with:

  • Schools and colleges that need highly-skilled faculty and administrators
  • State departments of education that seek curriculum developers and technology planners
  • Government and public service agencies that require trainers for skills development programs
  • High-tech manufacturers that hire experts to develop products for the education market
  • Publishing companies that need educational software developers for the mass market
  • Corporations that hire skilled professionals as instructors and designers of in-house training programs
  • Business and organizations, that are expanding their operations to embrace electronic commerce

This certificate is offered in collaboration with the University's Department of Technology and Society, part of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Courses from this program may also be used to fulfill requirements for the Master of Science degree in Technology Systems Management as well as for SPD's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.

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