Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

The certificate program in Disability Studies focuses on multiple social and environmental factors that influence the experience of chronic conditions and functional impairments.  These factors range from architectural barriers to social discrimination and have a profound influence on access to education, employment, recreation, and participation in other community activities across the life cycle.

The Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Program in cooperation with the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program offers a course of study that leads to the Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies. The program has affiliated faculty members from more than a dozen different programs in the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and health sciences. The program is designed to allow students working toward a degree in many departments such as Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Linguistics, Theatre, Music, Dance, Cultural Analysis and Theory, Psychology, Public Health, Bioethics, Technology and Society, or Sociology to draw on faculty whose work engages with disability in a wide range of disciplines. Other programs and areas of scholarship include Bioethics, Sustainability Studies, Embodied Cognition, Neurodiversity, Queer Theory, Critical Race Studies, Postcolonial and Area studies within both Northern and Southern regional contexts.