Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Admission to the M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science

Admission to the M.S. and Ph.D. programs are handled separately by the departmental admissions committee. The requirements for admission to graduate study in computer science include:

A. Bachelor's Degree: A bachelor’s degree, usually in a science or engineering discipline or in mathematics, is required. The transcript should show a grade average of at least B (3.0/4.0) in all undergraduate coursework, and in the science, mathematics, and engineering courses.

B. Basic Mathematics: Two semesters of college-level calculus, plus a course in linear algebra. Also desirable is a course in either probability theory or probability and statistics.

C. Minimal Background in Computer Science: As a measure of that background, the student must satisfy five of the following proficiency requirements:  The student must have at least undergraduate level proficiency in the core computer science areas. If the student does not have a degree in computer science, he/she must demonstrate this proficiency via junior/senior undergraduate level coursework or relevant job/project experience preferably in the following core computer science areas: discrete mathematics, theory of computing, algorithms, programming languages or compilers, computer organization/architecture and operating systems. If exposure is lacking in one or two of the above areas, similar level of exposure in the following areas may be acceptable instead: computer networks, artificial intelligence, databases, computer security or computer graphics. Note that mere programming experience is usually not considered sufficient.

1. Theory of Computation: CSE 303 or CSE 540

2. Algorithms: CSE 373 or CSE 548

3. Language/Compilers: CSE 304, CSE 307, CSE 504, or CSE 526

4. Architecture: CSE 320 or CSE 502

5. Databases: CSE 305 or CSE 532

6. Operating Systems: CSE 306 or CSE 506

7. Networks or Graphics: CSE 310, CSE 533, CSE 328, or CSE 528

D. Acceptance by the Computer Science Department and Graduate School.

E. All applicants to the M.S. or Ph.D. program must submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for the general aptitude tests. Applicants are encouraged to submit GRE test scores for the advanced examination in Computer Science as well. More information on the application process can be found on our Web site: