Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Certificate Requirements

This 18-credit certificate program consists of 6 three-credit courses, distributed among the areas listed below.

1. Required Courses - 15 credits

CEP 502 Principles of Coaching
CEP 507 Philosophy, Principles & Organization of Athletics in Education
CEP 513 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching I: Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries 
CEP 514 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching II: The Study of Human Movement 
CEP 520 Theory and Techniques of Coaching: Sport-Specific Practicum  (Prerequisite: CEP 507)

2. Elective - 3 credits

CEP 500 Sport and Society
CEP 508 The Concepts of Leisure, Play and Recreation in America*
CEP 517 Psychology of Sport
CEP 518 Exercise and Nutrition (prerequisite: a course in anatomy and physiology or CEP 514)
HEA 533 Intercollegiate Athletics in Higher Education  

Time to Completion

All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student unless the student is also matriculated in a master's degree program. Master's students have five (5) years to complete the certificate requirements.