2013 State of the State Address Highlights

Economic Development

Priority: Higher Education Centers as Job Generators
Priority: The Challenge: Tech Transfer—from Academia to Commercialization

  • Innovation Hot Spots: Ten higher education/private sector high-tech incubators will be selected as “Hot Spots” through a competitive process that fosters innovation by offering inventors and entrepreneurs support to grow their businesses and to be part of a tax-free zone, where start-ups will not be subject to business, real property, and sales taxes, to encourage business growth in New York State.
  • Innovation NY Network: To break down barriers to commercialization of academic ideas, the Governor proposed creating the Innovation NY Network to build collaboration among academics, venture capitalists, business leaders, patent lawyers and other professionals and entrepreneurs to facilitate and grow the commercialization process. SUNY Research Foundation President Tim Killeen will assist in the coordination of this effort.
  • Innovation Venture Capital Fund: A $50 million Innovation Venture Capital Fund will provide incentives for successful start-ups to stay in the state and grow. Support from the Innovation Venture Capital Fund will help these entrepreneurs make the transition from research and other ideas through prototyping and ultimately to the creation of marketable products.


Priority: Preparing the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

  • To retool New York's workforce to be prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow, the Governor proposed steps to reimaging the SUNY and CUNY community colleges to ensure the state's job training programs produce the trained personnel that businesses need.
  • Next Generation Job Linkage Program: The Governor outlined a Job Linkage Program that will link community colleges with employers to identify the job, to define the skill, and to provide the training for it. The state will pay for performance by funding colleges based on student job placement.


Priority: Better teachers and principals

  • Increasing admission requirements for all SUNY and CUNY teacher preparation programs, building off of leading countries like Finland that recruit teachers from the top of their graduating class;
  • Requiring teachers to participate in more frequent and higher quality student-teaching in school settings before earning certification, thereby gaining real-world classroom experience; and
  • Creating a “bar exam for teachers” to emphasize that teachers are professionals and should be held to the highest standards from the start. New York State is already revising its teacher certification test; we must double down with a commitment to re-examine our entry standards on an ongoing basis to respond to the expectations and demands for what teachers have to know and be able to do in order to be successful with their students.


Priority: Another Round of NYSUNY 2020, and a New NYCUNY 2020

Creation of a third round of competitive NYSUNY 2020 grants and the inclusion of NYCUNY 2020  which will offer additional grants for 2- and 4-year colleges and universities within both the SUNY and CUNY systems. Projects will be selected in a competitive manner based on economic impact, advancement of academic goals, innovation, and collaboration. These programs will continue Governor Cuomo’s place-based regional economic development initiative, linking the knowledge and innovation of higher education to regional economic revitalization through large and small businesses.

Climate Change/ Emergency Management

Priority: Effective Emergency Response, Establish a World-Class Emergency Response Network

Uniform training protocols run by SUNY and CUNY for emergency management for all county and local emergency personnel using these state-of-the-art protocols. SUNY and CUNY should develop a training and certification program that is available on a regular basis and consistent throughout the state.

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