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Current Use Gifts

Gifts (and grants) given to the Stony Brook Foundation for current use are immediately available to support the University according to the donor's wishes.  Examples include annual gifts or other "non-endowed" gifts that provide unrestricted support, as well as restricted gifts for scholarships, research projects, lecture funds, athletics and arts programs, or specific academic, clinical, and patient support programs.

Current use gifts may be placed into an existing fund (i.e., gift account) and commingled with other gifts that were made for the same purpose.  Large current use gifts and grants made for specific purposes are typically placed into new (and separate) gift fund accounts. The Stony Brook Foundation charges a one-time 10% gift fee for current use funds.

Annual (Non-Endowed) Scholarships and Fellowships
Each year, donors step forward to provide undergraduate scholarship and graduate fellowship support for deserving Stony Brook students.  Some scholarship and fellowship awards are based upon merit and reward academic performance, while others are based upon demonstrated financial need and make a Stony Brook education accessible for students who might otherwise be unable to obtain one.  All scholarships and fellowships help to transform the lives of our students.

Student assistance can be designated for students within a specific college, school, department, or academic major.  Additionally, scholarships can be designated for incoming freshmen or upper division students; students who are the first generation from their families to attend college; or those who grew up in a certain city, town, or state, or graduated from a particular high school.  Scholarships can be designated for students with demonstrated financial need, scholastic merit, or combinations of the two.

An annual undergraduate scholarship of at least $2,500 and a graduate fellowship of at least $5,000 can be awarded in honor of the donor.  Other scholarship gifts are commingled with existing University scholarship funds and administered accordingly.

For more information about current use gifts, including annual, non-endowed scholarships and fellowships, please contact:

Deborah Lowen-Klein
(631) 632-5074