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Chemistry Faculty Members Establish a Lectureship

peopleSince Dr. Stephen Koch and Dr. Michelle Millar joined the Department of Chemistry in 1978 and 1985, they have demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering the success of students and advancing research in inorganic chemistry at Stony Brook. Dr. Koch and Dr. Millar are examples of the profound and continuing impact that our faculty has on students.

In an effort to bring the latest insights from researchers in the field of inorganic chemistry to Stony Brook, Dr. Koch and Dr. Millar have pledged $50,000 to establish the Stony Brook Lectureship in Inorganic Chemistry. Through their generous donation, Stony Brook will be able to invite highly regarded scientists to share their expertise with the Stony Brook community.

In choosing to complement their professional dedication with philanthropy, Dr. Koch and Dr. Millar were joined by more than 1,550 members of Stony Brook’s faculty and staff who collectively donated $772,000 to Stony Brook last fiscal year. Dr. Millar said of their gift: “I’d love for others to make a similar impact at Stony Brook—it’s a lot easier than you think.” Department of Chemistry Chair Dr. Ben Hsiao also noted, “This lectureship will enable world-class chemists to visit the University and shall truly boost the morale and the standing of inorganic research at Stony Brook.” We wish to recognize along with Dr. Koch and Dr. Millar all the dedicated faculty and staff who have been choosing to make that impact through their generosity.