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Impact of Your Gift

The Importance of Gifts to Stony Brook
Private gifts received by the Stony Brook Foundation provide direct benefit to Stony Brook University. Gifts do not replace other sources of revenue for the University (such as tuition and State appropriations) but rather serve as a catalyst for improving the quality of teaching, research and service mission.

The University currently receives less than 20% of its annual budget from New York State appropriations. Thus, in order to keep tuition and fee structures at a level that does not restrict access to higher education opportunities for students from all economic backgrounds and maintain a high-quality learning environment, private gifts are invaluable.

Your generosity allows the University to nurture academic achievement among our students and faculty, encourage excellence in research and public service, and excel with integrity in all our endeavors. There are a number of ways of giving. Your support can help attract and retain exceptional faculty, equip laboratories and libraries, fund construction of cutting-edge facilities, provide financial aid to deserving students, and improve programs throughout Stony Brook.