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Foundation Financials

The Stony Brook Foundation has a strong financial track record to complement the thriving University it helps to support. Whether you want to assess the Stony Brook Foundation's finances in terms of its expanding total net assets, its endowment growth, or increases in funding for scholarships, fellowships, and awards, the financial information below will inspire growing confidence in the quality of Stony Brook's programs and the quality of financial management at the Stony Brook Foundation.

F/Y 08/09 F/Y 09/10 F/Y 10/11 F/Y 11/12 F/Y 12/13
Total net assets $203,485,654 $190,148,114 $190,296,094 $332,698,065 $383,491,118


Years ended June 30,

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Gifts & Gifts in Kind
 $17,641,880  $49,315,358  $81,549,495 $21,631,048 $23,450,982
Non-Gift Revenue  3,679,428  3,298,529  2,321,897 2,168,764  3,345,719
Investment Income
 12,816,512  4,295,850  (19,885,335) 9,015,661 15,758,832
Total Revenue
 34,137,820  56,909,737  63,986,057 32,815,473  42,555,533

Total Net Assets  $126,351,479  $163,403,230  $203,485,654 $190,148,114 $190,296,094
Endowment Growth
(net assets)
 $80,371,279  $102,498,646  $95,436,422 $101,139,145 $110,284,200
Endowment Rate of Return
14.29% 3.04% -17.60% 8.2% 10.4%

Three statistics above deserve special emphasis.  First, the growth in total net assets from $110.4 million to $190.1 million over the last five fiscal years helps to document the increasing financial power that the Stony Brook Foundation offers its University community:

Net Assets Chart


Second, the endowment growth over a five-year period highlights significant progress in an area that can help to bring long-term financial stability to the University. This financial advantage will help the University's ability to maintain its track record for excellence in the years to come:

Endowment Growth Chart

In addition to providing a testament to our donors' generosity, the endowment growth provides a dramatic demonstration of the financial acuity of our SBF investment specialists.  Even in difficult economic times, these dedicated experts outperformed the market. Stony Brook Foundation's rate of return on its endowment demonstrates how gifts to the Stony Brook Foundation endowment are solid investments for a University community with an increasingly bright financial future.