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More Than Just 'OK': A Gesture of Seawolves Pride Goes Viral


How do you make it to the College World Series? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Win your conference. Win your region. Win the Super Regional.

It’s a rough road, but one that the Seawolves have navigated with such aplomb and flair that they have become the darlings of the NCAA baseball championships, and their path to Omaha has been symbolized by the ‘OK’ hand signature that has become the team’s trademark this post-season. 

The three raised fingers represent the three milestones a team must achieve — in Stony Brook’s case, winning the America East conference, the Coral Gables Regional and the Super Regionals at LSU — to get to Omaha, which is represented by the ‘O’ formed by the thumb and index finger.

Junior third baseman Willie Carmona laid claim to creating the gesture, coming up with it prior to the Seawolves’ appearance in the America East tournament. Like the best inventions, it was a happy accident.

“Yeah I kind of invented it,” Carmona told the New York Daily News. “Honestly, we were just fooling around one day and bang, it just exploded. Now it’s become our thing.”

“Everyone is doing it now,” added center fielder Travis Jankowski.

Photos of Stony Brook players, fans, students, faculty and staff flashing the ‘O’ have flooded the Internet. Major-league pitcher and home field namesake Joe Nathan has gotten his Texas Rangers teammates on the bandwagon. Fans can even make the ‘O’ their Facebook avatar, and a mosaic of fans showing their support has gone viral.

Now that’s more than just ‘OK.’









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