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Dr. David Talmage, Assistant Professor, Pharmacological Sciences, discusses the work of Intel finalists Savina Kim and Neil Mehta

First, I would like to express my admiration of Savina Kim and Neil Mehta for their amazing dedication and work ethic. They have been inspiring to watch over that last one-plus years. Second, I want to emphasize the extent to which each of them drove their research - these are two independent young scientists; they formulated and executed their projects on their own with minimal input from me and Dr. Role. The final point I would like to make, is that the talent of the local high school students (with Savina and Neil representing the top) is incredible and that this, and the incredible system for nurturing and maturing this young talent pool that is part of the Stony Brook University culture, were an unanticipated bonus when we joined the faculty here approximately four years ago.

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Lorna RoleAdditional statement from Simon Halegoua, PhD, Director, Center for Nervous System Disorders:
Stony Brook University has been making a big push toward establishing multidisciplinary, collaborative groups for biomedical research. The Center for Nervous System Disorders was the first of such efforts on campus. Two Intel finalists emerging from the collaborative group of Dr. Lorna Role and Dr. David Talmage within the context of our Center is a testament to this approach. These students benefited not only from this collaborative pair of labs, but also from participating in Center-wide weekly meetings and interaction with numerous investigators working from different viewpoints, making for a very stimulating environment.

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