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Earvin Eugene '14 Displays "App-titude" for Success

Earvin Eugene is the consummate multitasker. The senior from Elmont, New York is a pharmacology major with a double minor in chemistry and English. In addition to studying for the MCAT exam to reach his goal of going to medical school and becoming a physician, he volunteers at the hospital and participates in other community service events. How he managed to find the time to develop an app that could revolutionize social media is anybody’s guess.

Earvin EugeneEarvin named his app PhotoGalah and created it for inveterate multitaskers like himself — busy people who want easy instant access to a multitude of social media and other websites right at their fingertips. Available on GooglePlay, it combines Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Yahoo into a single tool.

“I like to think of it as a free social media encyclopedia,” Earvin said. “What Wikipedia does for information, PhotoGalah does for social media.”

One of the most interesting features of the app is ‘Feathers,’ which provides a list of quick links to Google, Bing, Yahoo, CNN, NetFlix, YouTube, HULU, Dropbox, Stonybrook.edu, HBO, Soundcloud and more.

“Like birds of a feather,” Earvin said. “The app flocks together everyone’s favorite social media websites in one easy-to-access nest.”

Another useful feature of the app is called "snapshot," which allows users to check out fun facts about what happened on a specific date as well as upload their own photos and videos.

Earvin’s primary goal in creating his app is to help make people’s lives easier. “My major goal is to produce something that allows people to promote themselves easily and connect the Internet more efficiently.” He also insists on a charitable component as an important part of the app. “If we are profitable, half off all income will be donated to non-profit organizations like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and UNICEF.”

Named after his mother’s favorite athlete, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Earvin Eugene, like his namesake, moves at top speed and never takes his eyes off the ball. This budding entrepreneur is making some magic of his own.  




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