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Congratulations, 2012 Student Award Winners
At year's end, a flurry of ceremonies honors Stony Brook's most accomplished students

Each year outstanding students excel beyond their academic accomplishments, making their mark in areas such as community service, leadership, athletics, research, public service, creative and performing arts, or by bettering the University community in their own unique way.

Many of these students are honored with special awards at ceremonies held on campus at the end of each academic year. Congratulations to the 2012 award winners: We wish them much success in their future endeavors.

Student AwardsSUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence
This award is given annually to a very select number of graduating seniors who have demonstrated, and been recognized for, the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, athletics, community service, creative and performing arts or career achievement. This year’s winners include Kenneth Ascher, Denise DeGennaro, Caroline Dwyer, Yaseen Eldik, Matthew Graham, Hayley Green, Sean Hoffman, Henna Kochar, Kiran Lorick, Deborah Machalow, Priya Misra, Hillary Moss, Muntazim Mukit, and Ioan Alin Tomescu Nicolescu.

Provost Awards for Academic Excellence
This award is given annually to a very select number of graduating seniors who have shown true academic excellence, not just in the classroom, but in other ways as well, in research or creative activities, or in building an academic community. This year’s winners include Kenneth Ascher, Yaseen Eldik, Sean Fitzgerald, Niya Grozeva, Sean Hoffman, Jennifer Jung, Rajeev Masson, James Meehan, Hillary Moss, Muntazim Mukit, Sasha Seroy, Tanya Tingarova, and Jinzhu (Cookie) Yu.

Undergraduate Recognition Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement
These awards for Academic Excellence, Athletics, Community Service and Leadership are bestowed upon students who have significant accomplishments above and beyond the requirements of their academic degree programs.

  • Academic Excellence: Students whose passion for learning has extended beyond the classroom, demonstrated, for example, by excellence in research, internship or creative activity. This year’s award recipients include Kirolos Abdel Sayed, Sruti Akella, Anthony Antonelli, Kenneth Ascher, Kyle Buescher, Karen Bulaklak, Emily Cooper, Hysem Eldik, Yaseen Eldik, Sean Fitzgerald, Ruth Gillespie, Mohammad Halaibeh, Malack Hamade, Stephanie Hayman, Sean Hoffman, Shiou Mei Huang, Sumaiya Iqbal, Shirin Jaggi, Christina Johnson, Noel Joseph, Jennifer Jung, Henna Kochar, Stephen Lee, Olesya Levsh, Kiran Lorick, Deborah Machalow, Lauren Maloney, Yogeeta Mangal, Marcela Maxfield, James Meehan, Priya Misra, Hillary Moss, Muntazim Mukit, Polina Pinkhasova, Jaime Poynter, Ahmad Rafiqi, Ilyse Raziano, Kevin Sackel, Sasha Seroy, Ioan Alin Tomescu Nicolescu, Jerome Varriale, Lourdes Vazquez, Jean Claude Velasquez, William Young, Jinzhu Yu, and Ze Zhang.

  • Undergraduate Recognition AwardsAthletics: Students who have achieved a high level of athletic performance. This year’s award recipients include Prerana Appineni, Michael Bamiro, Robert Campbell, Patrick Cantwell, William Carmona, Jonathan Coats, Jawara Dudley, Kyle Essington, Hayley Green, Brock Jackolski, Tyler Johnson, Nino Lagvilava, Jared Leverne, Miguel Maysonet, Brandon McNitt, Salome Mkervalidze, Kyle Moeller, Alicia Nelson, Evann Slaughter, and Eric Speakman.

  • Community Service: Students who have given generously of their time, serving in various capacities, for the benefit of the University and surrounding community. This year’s award recipients include Michael Coulter, Katherine Heads, Susan McHugh, Komal Mistry, Nehal Shah, Harleen Singh, Domingo Templonuevo, and Ancy Thomas.

  • Leadership: Students who have assumed leadership roles in a variety of University organizations, including societies, clubs, sororities, fraternities and associations. This year’s award recipients include Pierre Albert, Edrees Arzomand, Anna Cheng, Jaclynn Chen, Wanda Chen, Niya Grozeva, Farha Islam, Kekelly Ketemepi, Samantha Lal, Kristina Mancaruso, Shabeen Rehman, Lorena Rozo, Alexandra Rozo, Caitlin Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Christopher Weber, and Paul Willms.

Specialized Area Awards
Alumni Association Legacy Award:
Sarah Khan
This award is given to children of Stony Brook alumni who demonstrate academic success and leadership in the campus community.

Babak Movahedi Senior Leadership Award:
Juliana Perez
Established by Babak Movahedi ’82, this award is presented to graduating seniors who have made a significant change in the University environment by bringing together various constituencies through the development of community life.

Distinguished Community Service Award: Susan McHugh
Presented annually by the Stony Brook Foundation to graduating seniors in recognition of outstanding contributions to public service in the Long Island region.

First Alumni Award: Frederick I. Ikpatt
This scholarship is awarded to a full-time sophomore or junior who personifies the pioneering spirit of the many alumni of the Founder’s Group. Preference is given to promising students who are the first members of their immediate families to pursue a college education.

Gloria and Mark Snyder Award of Excellence: Kristina M. Mancaruso
Established by Gloria Snyder ’72 and Mark Snyder ’69, this award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated academic and leadership skills, and are studying for careers in business or finance.

Joseph N.Campolo Award for Legal Studies: Yaseen Eldik
Established by Joseph N. Campolo, Esq. ’94, this award is presented to students preparing to enter the practice of law who have demonstrated a commitment to public service.

Larry Roher Entrepreneurial Achievement Award: Patrick J. Fava
Established by Larry Roher ’79, this award is presented to undergraduates who have served in managerial and leadership roles either on or off campus, or have pursued entrepreneurial and innovative programs or activities.

Outstanding Future Alumni Award: Hillary C. Moss
This award is given to high-achieving students who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance and community service, and have made valuable contributions to the University community.

Scott Middleton Student Athletic Alumni Award: Larissa A. Nysch
Established by Scott D. Middleton, Esq. ’84, this award is presented to high-achieving students who participate in one of Stony Brook’s intercollegiate NCAA Division I athletic teams.

William and Teresa Meyer Award for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: William Strayer
This award is presented annually to a deserving student who has excelled in Asian or Middle Eastern Studies.

William J. Sullivan Award: Wanda Chen
Presented annually by the University in honor of Justice William J. Sullivan, late chairperson of the Stony Brook Council. It is the most prestigious service award the University presents to graduating seniors in recognition of outstanding service contributions to the development of academic and student life on the campus.

Student AwardsStudent Life Awards

  • Advocacy Leadership Award: Damian Moskal
    Honors a student who has demonstrated strong leadership in generating campus-wide awareness about existing social issues and advocated for change through community service work.

  • Advocacy Program Award: Shanai Walker and the Community Service Club, “The Giving Tree Project”
    Honors a student group for providing a unique program that makes the campus community aware of a major social issue, supports community service work and implements an action-based response.

  • Best New Student Organization Award: Graduate Career Association
    Honors an organization that has started in the past 12 months and is dedicated to student life. This organization takes the initiative to make the organization visible on campus and has grown in membership since its recognition.

  • Collaboration Award: Community Service Club
    Honors a student organization that has consistently collaborated with a variety of student groups and/or University departments throughout the academic year to produce quality activities and/or services.

  • Distinguished Service Award: Campus Community Emergency Response Team
    Honors an organization for performing continuous service to the student body and the University community through exceptional efforts that are meaningful, make a lasting impact and foster positive relationships.

  • Educational Program Award: Golden Key International Honour Society and International Student Organization, “English Pal Program"
    Honors a student group for providing a creative program that promotes greater awareness of an existing academic, political or social issue through education that enhances student learning and provides a meaningful exchange of ideas.

  • Emerging Leadership Award: Mallory Rothstein
    Honors a freshman or sophomore student who has taken on new leadership roles and has demonstrated significant progress toward achieving leadership potential through campus and community involvement.

  • Most Outstanding Advisor Award: Zorammawii Ralte
    Honors a faculty or staff member who has served as an advisor to a student organization. This advisor is involved with students at all times, offers knowledge and experience to the organization and provides assistance and support on an ongoing basis.

  • Most Outstanding Student Organization Award: National Society of Collegiate Scholars
    Honors an organization that has been able to get the campus involved in its issues, follows its purpose statement, plays a leadership role on campus, is involved in the campus community, is open minded and diverse, has the ability to accept and overcome challenges, and sustains itself in creative ways.

  • Multicultural Leadership Award: Taewook Nam
    Honors a student leader who has displayed strong leadership and advocacy on diversity issues and devoted time and effort to the improvement of the University community.

  • Multicultural Program Award: Phi Iota Alpha and Sigma Lambda Upsilon, “Viva La Raza: Duality Is Our Reality”
    Honors a student group for providing an innovative program that promotes cross-cultural learning and interaction, educates the campus community and appeals to a diverse audience.

  • Recreational and Leisure Activities Leadership Award: Derek Cope
    Honors a student for outstanding leadership in sports, recreational or leisure activities.

  • Recreational and Leisure Activities Program Award: Craft Center, “Open Craft Studio”
    Honors an organization for an outstanding sports, recreational or leisure program whose outcome had a significant impact on the University community.

  • Social Program Award: National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Sigma Beta Honor Society, “Autumn Ecstasy”
    Honors a student group for providing campus programming that has broad-based appeal and provides opportunities to meet new people.

  • Student Life Enhancement Award: Students Empowered Against Sexual Assault
    Honors an organization for developing and implementing improvements in the quality of student life and demonstrates an efficient use of resources. This organization fosters positive change within the Stony Brook community through effective planning and student activism.

  • The Elizabeth D. Couey Award: Mark Maloof
    Honors a graduating student who has made outstanding contributions towards the growth of Student Affairs and student programs at Stony Brook. The award is named after the first Director of the Stony Brook Union. The award recipient must exemplify Elizabeth D. Couey's unique qualities that include the ability to listen with understanding, guide without boundaries, give and take with love, and grow with each passing day.

  • The Theresa Montenaro 200% Student Leadership Award: Paris Tyson
    Honors a junior or senior student leader for exemplary service, visionary leadership and unceasing dedication to student campus life. The award is named in memory of a former employee of the Stony Brook Union who spent each day of her 20 years at Stony Brook going above and beyond the call of duty.

  • The Shirley Strum Kenny Steel Magnolia Award: Ellen Driscoll
    This award is presented annually to a staff or faculty member who has demonstrated compassion and strength in support of enhancing the overall student experience. The award is named in honor of former President Kenny, who was presented the first Steel Magnolia Award by a group of students in 2009.

  • The Sister Margaret Ann Landry, RSHM Lifetime Achievement Advising Award: Gerald Shephard
    This award is presented annually to a staff or faculty member with 10 or more years of service who has provided extraordinary commitment mentoring and advising individuals and/or student groups on campus. The award is named in honor of its first recipient, who received the honor in 2003.

student awardsUndergraduate Student Government Student Leadership Awards
Student Advocate Award: Kathleen Watt
Best Agency Award: Argyri Pappas
Unsung Hero Award: Tyrik Jiang
Most Helpful Volunteer Award: Oscar Icochea
Dedication Award: Cathy Ng
Diligence Award: Ryann Williams
Visionary Award: Andrew Tausz

Office of Student Activities Distinguished Service Awards
Fraternity and Sorority Academic Achievement Award: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Epsilon Sigma Phi Sorority Inc.
Media Service Awards: China Blue, SBU-TV, Society of Professional Journalists
The Maria Terrana Chillfest Program Award: Bengalis Unite and Hindu Students Council, “Bengali Hindu Wedding”

Health Sciences Center Student Association Leadership Awards

  • School of Health Technology and Management
    Athletic Training Program: Jacqueline Smith
    Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program: Yenifer Choez, Gwenn Hornstein, Tess Smith
    Respiratory Care Program: Megan McIassac

  • School of Nursing
    Mary Ann Almonte, Alicia Aria, Robert Dorfman, Jaicy George, Kelly Gillooley, Alexandria Imperato, Samantha Lal, Jenn O’Brien, Caitlin Smith, Domingo Templonuevo, Paul Williams

  • School of Social Welfare
    Panthea Saidipour, Paris Tyson

Wolfies Awards

Male Athlete of the Year: Brock Jackolski, Football

Female Athlete of the Year: Lucy Van Dalen, Track and Field

Male Rookie of the Year: Mike Rooney, Men’s Lacrosse

Female Rookie of the Year: Allison Cukrov, Softball

Athletic Director’s Award: Miguel Maysonet, Football; Greta Strenger, Volleyball

Courage Award: Dave Alexander, Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Diving Coach

Swagger Award: Pat Cantwell, Baseball; Holly Van Dalen, Track and Field

Senior Scholar-Athlete Award: Kyle Moeller, Men’s Lacrosse; Hayley Green, Women’s Cross Country

SUNY Chancellor’s Award: Bryan Dougher, Men’s Basketball;Hayley Green, Women’s Cross Country;Salome Mkervalidze, Women’s Tennis;Kyle Moeller, Men’s Lacrosse

Shirley Strum Kenny Service Award: Barbara Chernow, Senior Vice President for Administration

Faculty Athletic Representative Award: Roope Kailaheimo, Men’s Tennis;Alicia Nelson, Volleyball

EOP/AIM Awards

  • SUNY Office of Opportunity Programs Academic Achievement Awards
    Kirolos Abdel Sayed.Nazim Abdulzade, Kelvin Acosta, Gifty Addo, Erica Adelusi, John Aguilar, Ayesha Ahmed, Mahabubul Alam, Pierre Albert, Tenzeeila Ali, Alain Alisca, Caroline Almonte, Lusondra Artis, Rubi Bala Sharma, Jinauris Batista, Crystal Belmont, Hadja Benhalima, Chantilly Berrios, Mohanie Bhajan, Kayla Binns, Sandra Birago, Evan Borochina, Jenny Bui, Enrique Cabassa, Yan Cai, Josue Cardoza, Ryan Carthan, Adi Castano, Indiana Castro, Jonathan Cazar, Freeman Chan, Na Chan, Janet Chen, Jia Min Chen, Rosa Chen, Winnie Chen, Xiao Wen Chen, Kousilla Cheung, Kevin Chica, Flora Chou, Robinson Collado, Tiarah Coston, Ariel Cruz, Cristina Cruz, Anthony Danilenko, Shanell Davy, Randy Deodat, Janeka Downer, Donavan Drummond, Louis Dupiton, Edwin Duran, Hermy Duran, Steven Eloiseau, Abby El-Shafei, Gabriela Espinal, Melissa Espinal, Yadira Espinal, Shavonna Fitzgerald, Natalie Fordjour, Mark Fremista, Michelle Fuller, Brandon Garcia, Shalonia Gardener, Ashley Gologorsky, Daisy Gomez, Lysy Gonzalez, Mariangely Gonzalez, Monique Grant, Marie Guevarra, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Neville Hall, Jennifer Hernandez, Deron Hill, Savio Hoang, Afroza Hossain, Sandy Hu, Aurooj Hussain, Gabrielle Infante, Ivette Jacome, Fizza Jaffari, Wen Jiang, Alberto Jimenez, Deronna John, Mayerling Joseph, Aysha Juthi, Farzana Karim, Nam Kha, Rakhuzzaman Khan, Sasha Khan, Sehar Khan, Corey Kiser, Eric Kuang, Grace Kwon, Eric Lau, Kimberly Lee, Malyk Leonard, Michelle Leung, Zhongheng Li, Andrew Lin, Junde Lin, Xiao Lin, Yuanjing Lin, Zhi Shen Lin, Hui Zhen Ling, Bin Lun Liu, Jia Qi Liu, Michelle Liu, Lobsang Lobsang, Diana Lopez, Erika Lozano, Jin Bin Lu, Angelique Lucien, Matthew Lugo, Michael Luning, Stephany Ly, Erika Magana, Karina Malave, Yogeeta Mangal, Nicole Martinez, Aleksandr Matura, Karen Membreno, Jennifer Mendez, Joel Mendoza, Mona Mokaddam, Christian Molinar, Kevin Montalvo, Kamala Moore, Sabrina Morales, Priya Mosodeen, Joshua Naumann, Lynette Nunez, Ikechukwu Nwabuobi, Giselle Ocampo, Obiaba Ofulue, Yoscar Ogando, Tianhe Pan, Jahammad Panchoo, Anas Patel, Jacqueline Pelaez, Sudley Perez, Katherine Picado, Jose Pinales, Farbod Raegan, Ru Feng Ren, Ru Ya Ren, Andrea Reyes, Brian Rhee, Tracey Rho, Melony Rhoden, Shanice Richards, Ashley Rivera, Stephanie Rizzuto, Christina Rodriguez, Jonathan Rodriguez, Marielle Rodriguez, Ryane Rodriguez, Yokasty Rodriguez, Kate Romero, Chon Kin Sam, Simon San, Tonich Sang, Neelu Sherpa, Haseeb Siddique, Nuwrdiyn Sinclair, Cameel Singh, Tayisha St Vil, Piotr Storczynski, Nosheen Tabassum, Zainab Tanvir, Kaitlyn Terrasi-Clarke, Cadene Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Geoffrey Tolentino, Emilisa Trotman, Sala Uddin, Rene Valdez, Alexis Valentin, Shantel Valentin, Lourdes Vazquez, Jean Claude Velasquez, Mamadou Wague, Maralyn Walker, Xin Yu Wang, Tu Hua Wu, Jing Jing Yang, Tiffany Yip, Stella Yu, Bisma Zareef, Wenbo Zhang, Ching Yee Zhao, Vincent Zhao, Ling Zheng, Xiao Lin Zhu

  • Alpha Iota Mu Honor Society Spring 2012 Inductees
    Alain Alisca, Hadja Benhalima, Chantilly Berrios, Evan Borochina, Enrique Cabassa, Indiana Castro, Kousilla Cheung, Kevin Chica, Flora Chou, Tiarah Coston, Randy Deodat, Hermy Duran, Abby El-Shafei, Gabriela Espinal, Yadira Espinal, Daisy Gomez, Monique Grant, Marie Guevarra, Sheldina Henderson, Jennifer Hernandez, Deron Hill, Savio Hoang, Afroza Hossain, Fizza Jaffari, Wen Jiang, Nam Kha, Rakhuzzaman Khan, Sasha Khan, Eric Kuang, Eric Lau, Kimberly Lee, Zhongheng Li, Junde Lin, Xiao Lin, Zhi Shen Lin, Michelle Liu, Jin Bin Lu, Michael Luning, Erika Magana, Karina Malave, Yogeeta Mangal, Jennifer Mendez, Christian Molinar, Ikechukwu Nwabuobi, Obiaba Ofulue, Tianhe Pan, Jacqueline Pelaez, Ru Feng Ren, Ru Ya Ren, Melony Rhoden, Ashley Rivera, Christina Rodriguez, Ryane Rodriguez, Tonich Sang, Piotr Storczynski, Rene Valdez, Tu Hua Wu, Stella Yu, Wenbo Zhang, Ching Yee Zhao, Ling Zheng

  • Achievement Awards
    Outstanding Freshmen: Ashley Gologorsky, Malyk Leonard
    Outstanding Sophmores: Karina Malave, Jean Claude Velasquez
    Outstanding Juniors: Kimayah Froston, Bisma Zareef
    Outstanding Seniors: Chantilly Berrios, Yogeeta Mangal, Pierre Albert
    Community Service: Tenzeeila Ali, Kimayah Froston, Monique Grant, Philicia Kosseh, Johnny Li, Yogeeta Mangal, Dana-Alle Martin, Jacqueline Pelaez, Ronae Rivers, Danissa Salazar, Cameel Singh, Jeriel Stafford, Bisma Zareef
    Leadership: Pierre Albert, Alain Alisca, Bianca Bernardez, Katherine Delacruz, Abby El-Shafei, Deron Hill, Julieana Magriz, Yanique Powell, Haseeb Siddique, Mariama Toffa, Emilisa Trotman
    John McCann Scholarship: Mohanie Bhajan
    James Nobles Memorial Scholarship Award: Yogeeta Mangal, Xin Yu Wang
    This award is presented annually to a junior or senior EOP/AIM student who has earned at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, has made significant contributions to campus life, and exhibits the characteristics of the work and leadership James Nobles exemplified during his tenure at Stony Brook.

Graduate Awards

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student
Patrick Casey, Jessica Curran, Natalie Grey, Whitney Howell, Rachel Kalish and Stephanie Maiolino

President’s Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students
This award is made to graduating doctoral students in recognition of the candidate’s dissertation, the student’s exceptional contributions to the University, and the student overcoming personal or social handicap of an unusual nature. This year’s winners are Trent Balius, Debasis Banerjee, Adam Congleton, Abhijit Gadde and Meng Li

Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Award: Sheryl Bell
This award is given to a deserving student to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its graduates.

Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring by a Faculty Member: Ellen Broselow
This award is given for outstanding support of a graduate student(s), from course completion through research and placement.

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching by a Faculty Member: Douglas Pfeiffer
This award is recognizes excellence and creativity in classroom teaching of graduate students, with innovation in graduate curriculum development and implementation.

Dean's Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Education by a Graduate Program Coordinator: Erica Robey
This award is given for outstanding service to graduate education by a graduate program coordinator. Criteria for selection may include provision of timely and excellent advice to graduate students and generosity of time in working with graduate students.

Dean's Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Education by a Graduate Program Director: Susan Brennan
This award is given for outstanding service to graduate education by a graduate program director. Criteria for selection may include provision of timely and excellent advice to graduate students about academic, registration, support and placement issues, and generosity of time in working with graduate students.
The Madeline Fusco Fellowship: Roberta Salmi
This fellowship is awarded to a woman or minority doctoral student completing a dissertation.

The Mildred and Herbert Weisinger Dissertation Fellowship: David Fernandez-Sobrado
This fellowship is awarded to graduate students completing dissertations that show significant scholarly promise, and whose work might otherwise be delayed due to financial obligation.
The Faculty Staff Dissertation Fellowship Award: Fernanda Page-Poma
This award has been made possible through faculty and staff payroll deduction contributions to the Graduate School Fellowship Fund.

Dorothy L. Pieper Memorial Purchase Prize: Gina Altadonna and Kathryn Cellerini
This award is presented to a student in the master of fine arts program for an outstanding work of visual art. The work winning the Pieper Prize will be featured in the Graduate Student Achievements for the corresponding year.