Earthstock is a cross-campus community effort of the following people:

Stony Brook Committee
Jeff Barnett, Assistant Dean of Students, Administrative Co-Chair
Malcolm Bowman, Professor, Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, Academic Co-Chair
Rezwanna Zafar, SB Environmental Club, Student Co-Chair
Liz Lugten, Student Vice Co-chair

Peg Abbatiello, Conferences & Special Events
Isobel Breheny-Schafer, Student Media & Activities
Ginny Clancy, Sustainability Studies Program
Joan Dickinson, Communications
Vincent Gentile, Campus Dining
Marisa Jeffers, Campus Residences
Karen Kernan, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Peter Krumdieck, Environmental Stewardship
Jeffrey Levinton, Distinguished Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Kamazima Lwiza, Associate Professor, Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
Jason Mastrogiovanni, Undergraduate Colleges
William Montolio, Student Media & Activities
Christine Quinn, Conferences & Special Events
Nelly Sachakova, Student Intern
Mark Saidens, College of Business
Susan Scheck, Communications
Howard Schneider, Dean, School of Journalism
Navneet Singh, Office of the Dean of Students
Jerrold Stein, Dean of Students
Tara Whalen, Student Intern
Michael Youdelman, Recycling & Resource Management