Artist Guido Mote

sunflowerGuido Mote was born in 1949 in Stockholm, Sweden. His parents Heinrich & Maud Mote were refugees from Estonia when Communist Russia occupied their country as part of the Lenin/Stalin Pact.

Guido had a relatively normal life with his younger brother Taavi. At the age of 12, Guido suffered head trauma which resulted in seizures that were quite severe and mental retardation. Guido spent many years in Special Education programs.

Heinrich and Maud Mote were founding parents to a new program for adults with developmental disabilities in 1969 called L.A. GOAL (Greater Opportunity for Advanced Living.) Through this group, Guido and many other members have found their direction in life.

I have been doing art since I was twelve and I still like it a lot. I especially like to paint flowers, birds and animals. One time I did a painting of a naked lady. One of my paintings sold for alot of money in New York. That felt really good.

I am also very proud of a piece I made out of wood. I worked along time on that piece. I really look forward to our art shows. Art could bring peace in the world and stop war.

–Guido Mote