Stony Brook University Alumni Lost on September 11, 2001

namesJoanne Ahladiotis
BS, Applied Mathematics and Statistics 1996
Forest Hills and Rocky Point, New York

Jean A. Andrucki
BA/MS Urban Policy Sciences 1980
MS Mechanical Engineering 1981
Hoboken, New Jersey

Michael A. Bane
BA, Multidisciplinary Studies 1993
New York, New York

Carlton W. Bartels
BE, Engineering Science 1979
Staten Island, New York

William F. Burke Jr.
MA Political Science 1977, 1980
New York, New York

Michel P. Colbert
BS, Biology/French Language and Literature 1986
MS, Technical Systems Management 1987
West New York, New Jersey

Stephen M. Fogel
BA, Political Science 1982
MA, Political Science 1983
Westfield, New Jersey

Steven E. Furman
BS, Applied Mathematics and Statistics 1982
Spring Valley, New York

Richard S. Gabrielle
BA, Social Sciences 1976
West Haven, Connecticut

Kuifai (Raymond) Kwok
BA, Economics 1994
Flushing, New York

Edward J. Mardovich
BS, Biology/Sociology 1981
Lloyd Harbor, New York

Rudy Mastrocinque
BA, Political Science 1980
Kings Park, New York

Michael P. McDonnell
BA, Economics 1989
Red Bank, New Jersey

Manika Narula
BA, Economics 2000
Kings Park, New York

Christopher M. Panatier
BA, Economics 1987
Rockville Centre, New York

John W. Perry
BA, Psychology 1985
New York, New York

Lisa J. Raines
BA, Economics 1979
Great Falls, Virginia

Jonathan S. Ryan
BA, Economics 1990
Bayville, New York

Margaret M. (Walier) Seeliger
BS, Applied Mathematics and Statistics 1992
Lakeview, New York

Peter A. Siracuse
BA, History/Social Sciences 1996
New York, New York

Walwyn W. Stuart Jr.
Undergraduate Student 1991-1993
Valley Stream, New York