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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will offer students an exciting and supportive campus environment. In the past five years, campus life at Stony Brook has improved very noticeably, due to the opening of the Student Activities Center, entry into Division I athletics, and many new initiatives to build community spirit. Several large construction projects underway or in the planning stage will continue this trend. New centers, such as a Wo/Men’s Center and an International Student Center, will further enhance campus life and bring different parts of the University community together in shared activities. Planning also will address the facilities needs of commuter and evening students and the increased space needs of existing services, including Disability Support Services and the Career Center.

2004-2005 PROJECTS

Provide a focus on campus for international student services, programs, and support. Reevaluate the administration of international programs, such as visa services, for the entire campus community. Strengthen and give visibility to the host family program. (5.1, Provost)

International Student and Scholar Services assists Stony Brook’s international faculty, staff, and students and their dependents. With support from the Research Foundation and the implementation of an International Student Fee, the staff has been increased to fulfill the greatly increased reporting required by the Patriot Act and to provide more timely service to Research Foundation employees. The host family program has been re-energized, and an international student advisor is assigned as liaison to the program.

Plan for a new food facility in the Academic Mall. (5.1, President, Vice President for Administration)

The architectural firm Beyer, Blinder and Belle completed a feasibility study for consolidating and improving campus food services and proposed adding a food-service wing to the Student Activities Center. Implementation of this plan will be considered when funding becomes available.

Significantly increase the number of “traditional events,” such as an Apple Festival on Homecoming weekend, an outdoor series of performances akin to “Shakespeare in the Park,” and/or large scale pot-luck dinners and picnics. (5.2, Vice President for Student Affairs)

Traditional events added in the last five years include Earthstock, Undergraduate College Commons Day, the Ring Ceremony, International Game Night, and The Chocolate Factory. They complement long-term traditions including the Roth Regatta, Strawberry Fest/Diversity Day, Black Womyn’s Weekend, Latin Weekend, China Night, Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Week, and PUSO Fest. Homecoming has been expanded into Wolfstock, and opening month programs have been established as University traditions: Experience Stony Brook in the fall and ChillFest in January. Traditional events within these programs include the First Night Out Extravaganza and Scooping Out Success.

Establish mandatory training programs on interacting effectively with diverse populations and responding to acts of intolerance and discrimination. (5.3, President, Vice President for Administration)

Under the leadership of the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action working groups were established to develop mandatory diversity programs, and a Campus Climate Survey was conducted to assess training needs. University Hospital and the School of Medicine include a module on discrimination prevention in mandatory training for supervisors, managers, and department chairs. The same module is used in elective supervisory training on the West Campus. The Hospital also addresses diversity issues in two mandatory leadership training programs and the new employee orientation program. Athletics and Resident Assistant Training have added a mandatory diversity component in their training programs. Additional programs are in development.

Establish an International House where students from many different cultures including the United States can live together and participate in cross-cultural activities. (5.3, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice President for Administration)

A residential International House is under discussion. A “ Virtual International Center” on the Web has also been proposed, to assemble complete information about programs and resources for international students and students interested in international programs.

Arrange cross-cultural volunteer and internship opportunities. (5.3, Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs)

The Career Center promotes cross- cultural volunteer and internship opportunities through the AmeriCorps program, the Volunteers for Community Service, and minority-focused organizations such as the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, INROADS, SEO, Multicultural Arts Management, and the Housing Finance Agency Minority Internship Program.

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