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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will provide excellent graduate education and postdoctoral programs in a supportive environment. Many graduate students and post-graduates come to Stony Brook from elsewhere and find it difficult to integrate into University life. In order to attract and retain people of the highest quality, the University will provide first-rate academic programs, competitive stipends, and good working and living conditions. Strong orientation and training programs will improve graduate students' experience and increase their success.

2003-2004 PROJECTS

Develop programs to support sponsored students, such as those on Fulbright and USAID scholarships, and increase their number. (2.1, Dean, Graduate School )

A dean for international academic programs was appointed in fall 2003 with responsibilities including the coordination and further development of these programs. A USAID grant awarded in 2003 to support restoring Iraq 's higher education infrastructure will fund approximately 10 students and several visiting faculty.

Establish campus-wide procedures for evaluating instructors in graduate classes and use the results in activities and programs that ensure teaching quality. (2.2, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center )

The University teaching evaluation form is used throughout the campus to evaluate graduate as well as undergraduate classes. The results are reviewed by faculty and chairs to assess teaching quality, and used in promotion and tenure decisions. In addition, new faculty and those up for tenure are observed and evaluated by experienced teachers, and some units, such as the Harriman School and the School of Medicine , have developed their own evaluation forms for graduate classes.

Establish department-based professional development programs for graduate students and postdoctoral associates to facilitate their success in achieving professional goals. These programs should include discussion of career options both in and outside the academy, and they should address such issues as improving oral and written communication skills, computer skills, and job interview skills. (2.2, Provost, Vice President, Health Sciences Center )

All the professional schools focus on career preparation through curricula, advising, and student services that develop students' knowledge of career options, computer and communication skills, and interview techniques. Arts and Sciences departments have training programs to assist their graduate students with publishing, presentations, and job search in and outside academia. The Career Center offers workshops on interview and presentation skills to all students and postdoctoral associates.

Investigate the potential for enhancing graduate degrees through new certificate programs and internships, including initiatives offering advanced training and experience in pedagogy. (2.2, Provost; Dean, Graduate School )

Four new graduate certificate programs have been initiated since fall 2000, in Industrial Management, Computer Integrated Engineering, Composition Studies, and Forensic Social Work. The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) has offered a variety of programs for graduate students wishing to develop their teaching skills.

Develop a program to reward teaching assistants who are consistently successful teachers. (2.3, Provost; Dean, Graduate School )

Every year the University gives five President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student, which include a financial reward. In 2001-02, the Graduate Council Fellowships and Awards Committee initiated a second award—the GCAC Special Commendation for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student—to students nominated for the President's Award who have demonstrated excellence.

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