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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will offer students an exciting and supportive campus environment. In the past five years, campus life at Stony Brook has improved very noticeably, due to the opening of the Student Activities Center , entry into Division I athletics, and many new initiatives to build community spirit. Several large construction projects underway or in the planning stage will continue this trend. New centers, such as a Wo/Men's Center and an International Student Center , will further enhance campus life and bring different parts of the University community together in shared activities. Planning will also address the facilities needs of commuter and evening students and the increased space needs of existing services, including the Disabled Student Office and the Career Center .

2003-2004 PROJECTS

Expand campus recreation facilities, for example by building a Recreation Center . (5.1, Vice President for Student Affairs)

A Wellness Center opened in fall 2002 as part of Phase II of the Student Activities Center . The Center provides cardiovascular equipment, strength training machines, free weights, locker rooms and showers. The SAC also includes studios for aerobics, yoga, and other fitness activities. The construction of a 88,000 square foot campus Recreation Center awaits legislative approval for bonds funded by Center revenue. Undergraduate students voted for a mandatory recreation fee in fall 2000. Graduate students, faculty and staff will have access to the Center via payment mechanisms yet to be determined.

Build a Conference Center/Hotel to house University visitors. Lodging and meals should be priced affordably. (5.1, Vice President for Administration)

The University is in negotiations to build a campus hotel. The Charles B. Wang Center provides conference facilities.

Create more diversified student entertainment. Engage a greater variety of bands and also some popular speakers. (5.2, Vice President for Student Affairs)

The Student Activities Office, Student Activities Board, Undergraduate Student Government, and many clubs and organizations offered a diversified calendar of over 3,300 events in 2003-04, including 440 on weekends. Programs included the Dave Chappelle Comedy show—which performed to a sellout crowd of 4,500 in the Indoor Sports Complex, a Kanye West concert with 2,000 attendees, a talk by Miss New York State on depression and eating disorders, and the 16 th Roth Pond Regatta which was televised on CNN. A variety of events celebrate Black History Month, Women's History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Asian Heritage Month.

Assess outdoor space for use for student activities. Provide amenities such as outside power and water to suitable locations. (5.2, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administration)

Outdoor events are usually located in the Student Activities Center Plaza and the Academic Mall during Campus Life Time. Thirty-one major events were held outside in 2003-04. Electrical service and water are available for outdoor activities on the SAC Plaza . Commuter Student Services uses a tent for outdoor activities such as involvement fairs and “Commuter Appreciation Days.”

Identify a new site for The Spot consistent with GSO intent to create a cafe for graduate students. Determine the future use and renovation of its current location, giving consideration to re-establishing the Fanny Brice Theater. (5.2, Dean, Graduate School ; Vice President for Administration; Vice President for Student Affairs)

The University Café, operated by the Graduate Student Organization, opened in Fall 2003 in a purpose-renovated space in the Student Union Ballroom. The Café is open Monday to Friday from noon to 5:00 for snacks, and from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 am on Wednesday through Saturday for beverages and entertainment. Possible future uses of Roosevelt Café are under consideration.

Construct a new residence hall facility to permit growth of the resident student body. (5.4, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administration)

The second phase of the West Apartments complex is under construction. Four buildings will accommodate 678 students, predominantly upper-division undergraduates with some spaces reserved for graduate students. Two buildings will open for the fall 2004 semester and the other two for spring, 2005.

Complete the rehabilitation of residence hall cafeterias. (5.4, Vice President for Administration)

Kelly Cafeteria was completely rehabbed in 2000-01. Tabler Cafeteria was renovated to create facilities for the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities that include art and performance space as well as a coffee/snack bar. R oth will be the next residence hall cafeteria to receive upgrades.

Review campus meal plans on a regular basis to ensure that students are satisfied with the options available, including food service acceptable to vegetarians and others with dietary restrictions, such as kosher facilities. Make changes as needed. (5.4, Vice President for Administration)

A committee has been appointed to review of the meal plan structure. Roth Cafeteria has been expanded to include a full vegetarian station. The kosher facility has been moved to the Stony Brook Union and will be expanded into a full a kosher-style deli. A new Halal (Muslim) program has been added to Union , and an expansion is planned.

Air-condition selected residence halls to enhance their use in summer programs. (5.4, Vice President for Administration)

By fall 2004 five residence halls will have been air-conditioned: Cardozo, Hendrix, Whitman, Gershwin and Mount. The four new West Apartments buildings opening in 2004-05 will all be air-conditioned.

Expand on-campus banking and post office facilities and develop other retail opportunities. Provide Department of Motor Vehicle services in peak demand periods. (5.4, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs)

Full-service banking is available through Teachers Federal Credit Union branches in the Student Activities Center and Health Sciences Center . Post Office hours have been increased, and the Seawolf Market has been expanded to better serve customers. The Department of Motor Vehicles provides a satellite service in the Student Activities Center lobby at the beginning of the academic year.

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