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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will be an attractive, accessible, and safe campus. Recent landscaping has greatly improved the appearance of the campus, but much remains to be done. It is still difficult to navigate the campus by car and on foot, making improved signage and the redesign of campus entrances high priorities for welcoming visitors. Improved parking and transportation will alleviate annoyance.

2003-2004 PROJECTS

Develop and implement a plan for improving the convenience, appearance and safety of campus walkways. They should follow natural pathways and be adequate for the expected volume of traffic. Two heavily used areas that need special attention are the wooded area between the Engineering and Math-Physics parking lots, and the South Campus. (6.1, Vice President for Administration) A plan has been developed and implementation has begun to improve walkways on campus. Several heavily-trafficked natural pathways have been paved, and shrubbery has been trimmed to improve safety.

Develop and implement a comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety policy. (6.1, Vice President for Administration)

A revised Environmental Health and Safety policy (P609R) was published in May 2001. The policy articulates Stony Brook's commitment to a healthy and safe environment and assigns responsibility for implementing that commitment. The campus Emergency Management Plan was revised and extended after 9/11.

Improve the principal entrances to the campus to make them more attractive and less confusing. Extend this planning to include important on-campus locations, such as the intersection of North Loop Road and Student Activities Center Road , the intersection near Roosevelt and Kelly quads, and the exit from the Dental Care Center parking lot. (6.2, Vice President for Administration)

The next Five Year Capital Plan contains a major roadway project, which includes changing the main entrance to simplify campus access and improving several intersections. A traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Marburger and South Drives to ease South Campus traffic flow.

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