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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will continue to expand its role as a leader in regional industrial development, health care, education and the arts, and in developing distance-learning and corporate-education programs. Collaboration with business organizations in the metropolitan area will provide opportunities to enhance campus programs and resources. Mechanisms will be developed to coordinate business outreach and provide the community with more "entry points" to campus activities. The University will also develop external fundraising and alumni involvement in University affairs.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Produce a report summarizing the results of a comprehensive exploration of potential new opportunities for rewarding departments and faculty that engage in successful entrepreneurial activity. (7.1, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center; Vice President for Research)

A report has not yet been prepared. The provost, vice president, Health Sciences Center, and vice president for research have identified prospective committee members.

Strengthen the Technology Transfer Office to meet campus needs. Provide expert legal assistance in patent development through the retention of additional specialists. (7.1, Vice President for Research)

A NYSTAR (New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research) Technology Transfer Incentive Award provided funds to hire an additional licensing associate. Two post-doctoral licensing trainees were also hired to help review technology transfer agreements and prepare patent applications.

Develop the Office of Public Relations and arrange mechanisms for enhanced communication with faculty to ensure that academic achievements and innovations are well publicized. (7.4, President)

The Office of Public Relations was expanded in March 2002 with the appointment of a director of public relations for the West Campus. Like the HSC director of public relations, she will maintain close contact with deans, chairs and faculty to ensure that academic achievements and innovations are well publicized. A Web-based, University-wide list of experts to publicize faculty achievements to the media is in development, and the "News" webpage is being redesigned to facilitate communication with the media.

Convene round tables and/or survey specific business groups, civic organizations, educators, and others to identify needs the University can meet. Develop more programs that open the University to the community if unmet needs are identified. Improve community access to University programs such as wellness lectures and recreational facilities. (7.4, President)

The director of community relations identifies community needs by meeting regularly with numerous community, business, and civic organizations, and conducting informal surveys. The newly-developed "Community Resource Guide" provides a comprehensive list of University resources available to the public, including the Sports Complex and Wellness Center. Lectures and other special programs are publicized in the local media and on the Web.

Initiate Stony Brook's first capital campaign. (7.5, Vice President for Advancement)

The capital campaign's private phase began in 2001-02. The campaign is fully planned; lead gifts are being solicited, and additional potential donors are being identified and cultivated. Announcement of the public phase is planned for fall 2003, by which time the Advancement Office hopes to have secured gift commitments for approximately 60% of the internal working goal of $250 million.

Build strong connections between the Advancement Office and academic departments. Hire fundraisers who are affiliated with local units. (7.5, Vice President for Advancement)

Advancement officers have been appointed in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Health Sciences Center. Searches are underway or imminent for officers in the Graduate School, Arts and Sciences, and Athletics. In May 2002, the Advancement Office will institute an intensive half-day "Faculty Fundraising Bootcamp" to introduce deans, directors and faculty to private-sector fundraising.

Develop detailed and up-to-date databases of fund-raising opportunities in the private sector, especially private foundations, corporations, and individuals on Long Island. (7.5, Vice President for Advancement)

The Advancement Office is consolidating, updating and expanding fund-raising databases. Centralized research and data management are coordinated with college-based activities to continuously enhance the University's prospect base, and a new prospect-management policy provides more effective coordination of fundraising activities among the University's various units.

Expand alumni fundraising programs. Host more small receptions for local alumni to reacquaint them with the University. (7.6, Vice President for Advancement)

An expanded calendar of alumni events is part of the capital campaign plan, which calls for aggressive outreach to previously undeveloped alumni constituencies. Alumni activity is increasing. Attendance at the 2001 Homecoming Weekend was more than 300% higher than previous Homecomings, and the first Alumni Reunion Weekend is scheduled for spring 2003. Locally, the new Stony Brook Manhattan location offers excellent facilities for alumni committee meetings and programs. Regional meetings in Baltimore, Boston and other cities connect alumni from a wider area. The National Alumni Council, open to all alumni donors and including such activities as career development for current students, was launched in spring 2002. To support expanded programs, Alumni Relations has added staff and significantly increased its own fundraising activities, securing sponsorship for Homecoming and other alumni events and developing affinity credit cards and other ongoing revenue sources.

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