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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will provide excellent graduate education and postdoctoral programs in a supportive environment. Many graduate students and post-graduates come to Stony Brook from elsewhere and find it difficult to integrate into University life. In order to attract and retain people of the highest quality, the University will provide first-rate academic programs, competitive stipends, and good working and living conditions. Strong orientation and training programs will improve graduate students' experience and increase their success.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Convene a committee of faculty, students and staff to create a strategic plan to increase graduate student stipends to be competitive with other research universities and suitable for living on Long Island. (2.1, Provost; Dean of the Graduate School)

The Graduate School worked with graduate program directors to determine competitive stipend levels. In 2001-02, $779,000 was invested in increased stipends.

Establish mechanisms to make it easier for students to do interdisciplinary research and receive interdisciplinary degrees. (2.2, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

New mechanisms have not yet been established. Stony Brook offers interdisciplinary graduate degrees in genetics, the MD/PhD program, and the SSW/JD program. An interdisciplinary MPH program is in development.

Involve graduate and undergraduate directors, graduate students, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and the Graduate School in a review of current TA training programs. Develop and implement a plan for their improvement. (2.3, Provost; Dean of the Graduate School)

The Graduate Council is reviewing an extensive study of TA training programs completed in 1997, as the first step toward identifying best practices and areas needing improvement. Following that review, the dean of the Graduate School will convene a broad-based task force to make recommendations for improving the preparation of graduate students as teaching assistants and future faculty.

Provide opportunities for postdoctoral associates to meet each other and offer them training in obtaining sponsored research funding. (2.4, Vice President for Research; Dean of the Graduate School)

In April 2002 the vice president for research and the dean of the Graduate School initiated an on-going series of events by hosting a reception for postdoctoral associates as a social occasion and an opportunity for post-docs to voice their perspectives and concerns. An NSF representative discussed opportunities for external funding. Other speakers provided information on subjects including immigration, intellectual property and compliance with federal regulations. The Provost's Advisory Group is discussing additional ways to integrate post-docs more fully into campus activities.

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