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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will support and strengthen its excellent faculty. Success is dependent on the imagination and energy of the faculty, and it is essential to encourage, recognize and reward their work. The University will create a family-friendly culture and a community in which faculty feel fairly treated and adequately supported in all their many endeavors. The faculty will be further diversified to more fully reflect the composition of the student body. An initiative to develop the arts at Stony Brook will make the campus a more exciting place for everyone, as well as invigorating the arts and humanities departments.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Create a strategic plan addressing faculty salary issues and other means of rewarding excellence. (3.1, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

A comprehensive plan has not yet been created, but the provost has completed an extensive review of faculty salary issues and initiated two rounds of salary increases rewarding faculty for teaching and departmental/university service as well as research. The School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine have separate programs for rewarding excellent faculty.

Create rewards that recognize faculty who undertake significant service jobs, such as undergraduate or graduate program directorships and special initiatives. (3.1, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

A universitywide rewards program has not been established, but responsibilities such as serving as undergraduate, graduate or program director are taken into consideration in salary decisions. The School of Medicine has an Education Discretionary Pool that recognizes course directors, and the School of Dental Medicine has an incentive plan to reward service responsibilities and clinical productivity.

Establish a University-wide committee to examine the status of faculty of color on campus and to make recommendations with particular relevance to recruitment and retention, including such issues as salary equity, equity in resources, teaching load, student support, promotion and tenure, and quality of life. (3.3, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

The provost and vice president, Health Sciences Center, appointed a Faculty of Color Committee in spring 2002.

Make more small grants available to support summer research and fund departmental colloquia, especially in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. (3.4, Provost; Vice President for Research)

The provost and vice president for research are working with the College of Arts and Sciences to re-start the faculty development grant program to provide funds to faculty and departments for summer research, colloquia, and other activities. Further initiatives will be developed with the new dean of arts and sciences. Many junior faculty are hired with funding for summer support during their first years at Stony Brook.

Identify Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as components of the education program in all appropriate graduate and undergraduate flyers. (3.5, Provost; President)

Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories are featured in student publications including the Viewbook, the undergraduate research brochure, and departmental graduate brochures.

Establish an active board of artists/educators/advocates to promote the arts and develop strategies for advancing the arts at Stony Brook and in the community at large. (3.6, Provost)

An arts board has not yet been established. To advance the arts, Stony Brook has joined Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, a national consortium of colleges, universities, and cultural institutions that supports the civic work of university artists, humanists, and designers.

Provide faculty in the arts and humanities with assistance in fundraising, proposal writing, obtaining corporate sponsorship, publicity and marketing. Appoint a development officer responsible for targeting outside funding opportunities in the humanities and fine arts and for encouraging and assisting faculty with the submission of grant proposals. (3.6, Provost; Vice President for Advancement)

Advancement officers are currently working with faculty in several programs—including the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center, the Humanities Institute, and the Art Gallery—to generate support for expanded activities and special projects such as visiting scholars. Advancement and corporate/foundations-relations staff are available to provide fundraising advice and assistance to all arts and humanities faculty, and the newly appointed West Campus director of public relations will assist faculty in publicizing projects, research and programs. The appointment of additional personnel awaits the new dean of arts and sciences.

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