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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will have a vigorous facilities rehabilitation program to redress deferred maintenance and improve the campus. State capital funding reflects this priority, with the majority designated for infrastructure repairs and major rehabilitation projects rather than new buildings. Locally funded projects will also protect and improve the facilities infrastructure, ultimately ensuring a better quality of life for the whole campus community.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Establish a comprehensive plan for major repair and renovation projects as part of the Five Year Capital Plan for 2002-2007. This plan should be developed in consultation with the campus community and address facilities needs identified in the report of the Five Year Plan Task on Facilities. The plan should give priority to repair projects that affect health and safety concerns and the structural integrity of campus facilities. It should include elevator repair and replacement, energy management and HVAC upgrades, roof replacements, plaza deck repairs, renovation and expansion of overcrowded clinical facilities, and roadway maintenance. (8.1, Vice President for Administration)

The architectural firm of Beyer, Blinder and Belle was retained to review Stony Brook's maintenance and program-enhancement needs. A draft plan was completed in December 2002 for review by the President and recommendations from campus constituents.

Publicize the Five Year Capital Plan and other maintenance projects. Post a list of projects on the Web, indicating when each problem addressed in the plan was first identified, when the work was scheduled to be done, and when the work was completed. (8.1, Vice President for Administration)

Major projects and completion schedules will be posted on the Facilities, Design and Construction Web page which is being built in spring 2002:

Complete a comprehensive review of the current facilities management structure and productivity. (8.2, Vice President for Administration)

Stony Brook participated in an Association of Physical Plant Administrators survey of maintenance costs and personnel needs to obtain comparative data on facilities management. The Facilities Office is benchmarking its resources against the findings. Productivity is being evaluated though a review of open and closed work orders.

Hire more maintenance and grounds personnel such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC specialists, carpenters, and painters. Ensure that they have appropriate supplies and equipment. (8.2, Vice President for Administration)

Additional maintenance and grounds staff have not been hired due to budget limitations. Many skilled craftsmen, such as electricians and plumbers, are hired for specific renovation projects, and their numbers vary with project activity.

Improve the management of rehabilitation projects. Minimize cost overruns, and develop procedures for addressing funding problems caused by unforeseen difficulties such as the discovery of asbestos or the absence of drawings showing the "as built" configuration of space. (8.2, Vice President for Administration)

Facilities, Design and Construction is being reorganized to better manage and expedite the design component of rehabilitation projects. Three key employees will be added in summer 2002: a mechanical engineer, an additional architectural designer, and an assistant director for design who will oversee all projects.

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